OSMO Introduces Two New Flavors


OSMO Introduces Two New Flavors

Fit, athletic women raise a glass with Strawberry Hydration and White Mocha Protein

Fairfax, CA, June 2015 – OSMO, the first and only hydration and protein line of products scientifically formulated exclusively for women, has introduced two delicious and refreshing new flavors: Strawberry Hydration and White Mocha Protein. Based on the pioneering work of founder Dr. Stacy Sims, OSMO helps female athletic bodies optimize hydration and recovery through proprietary formulations which address the impact of hormones on health, wellness and athletic performance.

 “As a woman athlete, physiologist and nutrition scientist, I knew it was time to develop products for women athletes, based on actual research about women. ,” said Sims. “We deserve nutrition made specifically for us.”

OSMO has added Strawberry to the OSMO Women’s Hydration line which was developed to address the impact hormonal changes have on women athletes during the menstrual cycle. During the menstrual cycle a woman’s core temperature increases requiring more and different electrolytes than men, and her plasma volume drops requiring much more than just water for optimal hydration. OSMO’s proprietary formulation addresses these physiological realities. Just like the Mango flavor, Strawberry comes in a 40 serving canister for $19.99 and in a 24 unit single-serve stick pack display for $31.99. Just mix two scoops or one packet with 16 fluid ounces of water and drink all day when exercising.

 New to the OSMO Women’s Protein line is White Mocha. OSMO protein is scientifically formulated to help women athletes get smart, efficient protein into their bodies in a way that promotes muscle synthesis, reduces the impact of hormones and optimizes training. Hormones affect how women’s bodies use protein. Progesterone inhibits muscle repair and estrogen promotes fat storage. OSMO’s proprietary three-to-one protein to carbohydrate ratio and 20 grams of protein per serving are scientifically optimal for women’s muscles, extend women’s recovery windows, and counterbalance the impact that progesterone and estrogen have on overall health and athletic performance. Just like the Honey & Spice flavor, White Mocha comes in a 12 unit single-serve sachet display for $35.99 and a 12-serving canister for $29.99. Mix one scoop or one packet with 8 to 12 fluid ounces of water anytime for a great protein hit or two scoops or two packets for optimal recovery after a hard sweat session.

About OSMO

OSMO is the first and only hydration and protein line scientifically formulated for the unique physiology of female athletic bodies. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Stacy Sims, OSMO products align perfectly with the human body’s balanced ratio of fluid, sodium and carbohydrates to optimize hydration and thereby health, wellness, and athletic performance. OSMO’s proprietary products for women, kids, and men are quickly reshaping the sport hydration category. OSMO products are available at finer sport specialty shops and at select natural grocery. For more information please visit www.osmohydration.com.



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