GU Launches New Flavor and Campaign: “Challenge For Kids”


GU Energy Labs, creators of the original energy gel, today announced a special edition of their premium performing Roctane line in support of “Challenge For Kids,” a new initiative aimed at generating $50,000 to buy prosthetic limbs for children.

In conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), GU Energy has created “Challenge For Kids” in order to fill a critical need for children suffering from any limb-loss malady – from traumatic amputations to disease-state complications to congenital effects.

Challenge For Kids has two main components – one of which directs all profits from the special Passionfruit Roctane to the Challenge For Kids initiative, the second a special online fund-raising campaign.

The campaign has launched an online portal – -- that allows anyone to donate to the cause, whether or not they buy Passionfruit Roctane. Athletes can establish their own team or launch their own individual fund-raising event platform, with all proceeds directed to the campaign. Additionally, people can choose to donate directly to any athlete’s Challenge For Kids campaign.

One of those athletes raising money for the campaign is Jeff Schmidt, an amputee whose dramatic finish last year in the Ironman World Championships helped spark the Challenge For Kids campaign. His direct campaign as he gears up for this October’s Kona race can be found here.

Virginia Tinley, Executive Director of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, said, “This is a major initiative and a great example of a brand stepping up to fill a critical need. The kids that will be helped by these efforts are truly heroic, and just need a chance to be active like their peers.”

The special edition Passionfruit Roctane has all the unique properties that make it the best-selling premium performance gel in the world. To order the limited edition Passionfruit flavor and direct all profits to the campaign, simply order online here or visit your local retailer. Passionfruit Roctane goes on sale on the GU Energy website and at retail locations starting June 12and will cost $19.95 per box of eight gels.


GU Energy Gel, the original energy gel, was developed in 1993 in Berkeley, CA. To this day, GU remains the market share leader by a margin of more than 2 to 1, and is still the premium gel available to endurance athletes. GU, Roctane, Chomps and Brew are designed to provide athletes with scientifically-based, performance-tested nutrition. For more information about GU, log onto


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