Gratke Wealth will be presenting at Conference, 'The Retirement Reality Check' on Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Gratke Wealth will be presenting at May 8-9 2013 Virtual Conference, Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks on the Subject 'The Retirement Reality Check' on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 1:30 pm (eastern time) 10:30 am (pacific time)

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Half of Americans do have access to a retirement savings plan at their workplace. For those that do join they tend to save too little and often make unwise investment decisions. The 401(k) arena is in crisis, and workers need sound guidance and help to solve this problem. This presentation will show what sound guidance is needed to help participants make the right choices within their retirement accounts.

The goal is to see that all participants are ‘retirement ready’ and have enough replacement income in retirement by helping them:

• Save: three steps needed to implement for improved saving and investing for retirement.
• Save More: ‘retirement income ratio’ what is it, how to calculate it, why it matters
• Save Smarter: ‘how much is enough? for retirement, and how measure it, and how to get there.

The retirement replacement income discussion will focus on what it is, how to help employees calculate it based upon their age, personal savings rate, rate of return and participation rate. We will then discuss what steps an employee must take if they are not on track to achieve satisfactory retirement replacement income. Additionally, we will discuss how employee education alone is not enough to move participant behavior in the right direction, and why we must use the tools discussed in this presentation in order to achieve successful retirement outcomes.


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