Global Growth Prompts Arc'teryx Rebrand


North Vancouver, BC - North Vancouver based outdoor apparel manufacturer Arc'teryx today announce it is rebranding.

Arc’teryx, or rather the brand formerly known as Arc’teryx, has undertaken a major rebranding effort in order to unburden the tongues of outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Effective today, the Company is switching from the condensed word, Arc’teryx to it’s easier to pronounce root -Archaeopteryx.

The name Arc’teryx is a key part of our history and we will always be proud of that. But as our products enter markets around the world, we want everyone to enjoy saying our name as much as they do wearing our products; that’s why it’s important to have a name that will be easy to pronounce across the globe,” said Vincent Wauters, GM & CEO of the company. “Authenticity is central to our brand and it always felt like we were betraying ourselves with the abbreviated word. Now, we can move forward, confident that we are true to our core users and the core of our name.”


Beginning immediately, all products will have the full word updated under the logo. In Burnaby, where the brand has its own factory, the intense reprogramming of machinery and positioning the full name has already started. A redesign of the new logo was unveiled today along with the two year multi-million dollar plan to entirely erase the previous name.

The company is asking for patience from its customers. An online registration, for those wishing to have their products rebranded, will be in place shortly. When asked if the cost of the new look was going to be reflected in future pricing, Vincent Wauters had “no comment at this time.”

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