Copywriter Has Writer's Block, Goes To Get M&M's

Title pretty much sums it up.

Mike Mooers of Wicked Good Copy & Communications, one the most dominating and excellentest copywriters in the outdoor/snowsports/fitness realm, ran into a speck of writer's block this afternoon.

He took the opportunity to walk up to the gas station mini-mart and buy some M&M's. He also went to the bank.

"Yeah. Had to take a break. Was writing product descriptions for a client, and found myself getting repetitive. There are only so many synonyms on the planet, and I done used them up," says Mooers. "Plus it's nice out, and I need to deposit a check."

Upon his return he plans to open the thesaurus on his computer and uncover some fresh ways to say "comfortable" and "innovative".

Is Mooers concerned the block could linger? "Nah - it's not a problem. Actually just an excuse to go get some chocolatey treatage."

Interested businesses can learn more about the most dominating and excellentest copywriters in the outdoor/snowsports/fitness realm at, or contact Mooers directly at He does not plan on sharing his M&M's however, so don't ask.

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