Bold and Bright: Trends in Yoga Wear

Colorful prints, patterns, and layers lead trends in yoga wear
Prana Printed Yoga Tights - Hot for 2014

Prana Patterned Yoga Tights

Vibrant, eye-catching patterns are making a splash in the spring and fall 2014 lines of yoga apparel. Traditionally appearing mostly in yoga tops, these bold prints are working their way into full-length leggings, capris and knickers.

“Printed and patterned leggings are a huge trend,” said Lisa Grim, women’s senior merchandising manager for Prana. “Prana is well known for its prints on tops; overnight, we’ve seen the trend shift to the bottom.”

Designers are focusing more on solid colors in their tops to pair well with the boldly colored bottoms. A brighter color palette in general is also on the rise. “We’ll start to get brighter in spring 2014, even with some neon colors,” said Grim, following the vivid colors in categories like running shoes in the fitness industry.

Femininity and softer designs are also surging into yoga lines. Lolë’s brand-new collection, White by Lolë, integrates “sensuality and fluidity,” said Design Director Andy Thê-Anh. The collection was inspired by Lolë’s global White Tour, which unites yogis and yoginis — all dressed in white — for special yoga sessions dedicated to peace. Lace panels, open backs and graceful lines adorn the collection. There’s a focus on “a lot of flesh showing” in a sophisticated, elegant design, said Nathalie Binda, vice president of marketing at Lolë.

Lolë also is following the bright color movement. “People don’t want to wear dark colors,” Thê-Anh said. “We’ll have more prints on bottoms and tops in the 2014 line.”

Another emerging trend is directed at “studio-to-street” layering systems. “We are coming out with third-piece layers, pieces that we see our consumer needing for after practice,” said Grim. “From lightweight sweaters to draping, burnout tops, we’re seeing a lot of growth in that category.” And because there’s a boom in fitted leggings, capris and knee-length capris, Prana is increasing its tunic-length top options. “It’s nice to have more rear-end coverage if you’re wearing fitted bottoms,” Grim said. “Slimmer on bottom, more volume on top, and more solid-driven tops. It’s the polar opposite where we were two to three years ago. It really happened overnight.”

Likewise at Lolë: “We’ll have more flowing, easy-to-move, graceful tops,” said Binda. “We’re coming out more with clothes that you can wear from the gym and studio out on the streets where you don’t have to change or think about needing other clothes.”



Gear trends: Yoga for 2014/15

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