Slackline Industries Announces Partnership with YogaSlackers®


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 Slackline Industries Announces Partnership with YogaSlackers®

Louisville, CO September 15th, 2014, Canaima Outdoors, founder of Slackline Industries (SI), announces today a new partnership with YogaSlackers®. YogaSlackers® is a team of athletes, teachers and adventurers best known for their unique fusion of yoga and slacklining - YogaSlacking. Created in 2008 by Sam Salwei and Jason Magness the one-inch eLine webbing kits were created, sold, and utilized to implement a new genre of balance-movement meditation through slackline yoga.

Derick Cole, President of Slackline Industries (SI) explains how everyone wins with the new partnership, "We have admired the people at YogaSlackers® for some time now. They are teachers and devoted athletes who are well respected in the slackline and yoga communities. Featured in The Yoga Journal, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and in the popular yoga apparel brand, Prana’s, blog, YogaSlackers goes beyond the standard slackline goal of “walking the line,” and instead treat the line like a very skinny yoga mat. We are pleased we can support yet another creative avenue for slacklining by bringing YogaSlackers core product, the eLine, to more consumers while they continue to do what they do best, which is spreading the sport.”

 Canaima will offer the YogaSlackers eLine product, as well as a range of 2-inch style slacklines under the SI brand, which are sold in outdoor and specialty retail stores and gyms nationwide.


Originating in the climbing world, slacklining has evolved into a cross training, backyard activity, and a sport all of its own. YogaSlackers® has focused on a combination of teaching slackline and yoga techniques, conservation trips, hosting educational talks, and traveling/training world-wide for competitions ranging from climbing to adventure races. YogaSlackers combines the centered-ness of yoga with the challenge and athleticism of slacklining to achieve a balance of mind and body.

With the advent of Slackline Industries, through Canaima Outdoors distribution, YogaSlackers is a welcome dimension to the new business model supporting the entire spectrum of slackline styles. YogaSlackers Founder Jason Magness explains their decision, “This partnership with allow YogaSlackers to teach and travel and grow the sport, via demonstrations, live events, and training courses, while Slackline Industries will expand the distribution of products to support the group’s mission.”

Ricardo Bottome, CEO of Canaima, adds that, “Canaima Outdoors has been the driving force behind the sport of slacklining in North America, (Distributors of Gibbon since 2008) and with our newest brands and products from, YogaSlackers® and Slackline Industries (SI), it is just going to get even better. We will continue to expand our efforts to educate and innovate to the growing audience of interested slackliners. It’s an exciting time to be in this burgeoning industry.”

Canaima is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, and their expanding team will continue to grow the sport with Slackline Industries and partnerships like YogaSlackers. The crew at Canaima are highly motivated to position SI as the most comprehensive slackline brand in the world through elite events, athlete exposure, distribution, dealer services, and program expansion.

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About Slackline Industries

Located in Louisville, CO, Slackline Industries (SI) launched as the premier manufacturer, promoter and supporter of the slackline community in North America. Conceived by Canaima Outdoors, distributor of Gibbon Slacklines (January 2008 - September 2014) and market leader for slackline retailers, sales and event production, SI is dedicated to product innovation, event promotion and partnership development and expanding across the entire spectrum of the slacklining community. Canaima is a distributor for outdoor gear and recreational products including SI, Bring Your Adventure Sports and YogaSlackers. The company will continue to fuel the growth of slacklining world-wide, embracing the variety of styles and users through Slackline Industries - the first name in slacklining.

For additional information: Derick Cole: President:, 303-443-0163 x102

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