Rumpl Launches New Super Fleece Performance Blanket on Kickstarter

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San Francisco, CA (November 9, 2015)Rumpl, the Active Homewear™ innovator best known for the Rumpl Puffy Blanket, is pleased to announce today’s launch of its second Kickstarter campaign to debut the new Super Fleece performance blanket. Made with the same materials found in modern activewear, the Super Fleece feels like a giant, cozy sweatshirt for your bed enhanced with moisture shedding and antimicrobial benefits. 

“We have seen an explosion of performance fabrics over the last decade in the fashion industry,” said Rumpl Co-Founder Wylie Robinson. “Everyone is beginning to see the benefits of modern textiles for everyday use - everyone, except the Homegoods industry. At Rumpl, we believe that the textiles used in your home should meet the same performance standards as those used for active and outdoor pursuits.”

The new Super Fleece uses two distinct materials - on the top side is a knit face that sheds liquids and keeps you protected, and on the other side is an ultra-soft, antimicrobial fleece that's exceptionally cozy and stays clean and odor-free for longer. Just like performance fabrics that are specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable when you're active, Super Fleece offers the same benefits when you're sleeping.

The Super Fleece is available in Twin, Queen and King sizes. During the campaign, Kickstarter backers will be able to customize color pairings with the three launch colors: Stone, Charcoal, and Brick. As Rumpl reaches specific Kickstarter goals, it will unlock additional color choices: White at $50,000, Whale at $100,000, and an accent pattern designed by artist Jeremy Collins at the $150,000 stretch goal. In addition to the custom color pairings, Rumpl is incentivizing Kickstarter backers with a range of collaborative packages from Yellow Leaf Hammocks, Tuft & Needle Mattresses, Cascadia Vehicle Tents and Meridian Line Clothing. 

“With the Super Fleece we've taken the same approach as major activewear brands and applied these materials to something you use every day - the blanket on your bed,” said Robinson. “The result is Active Homewear™ - the perfect blend of performance and comfort that you need every single day.”

For more information about the Super Fleece, visit Rumpl’s Kickstarter page.

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About Rumpl

Rumpl High Performance Blankets are made with technical materials developed for the outdoor industry. We aim to rethink homeware and the accompanying buying experience by improving on old concepts using advanced materials and innovative design thinking.

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