Powertraveller Ltd Unveils Brand Ambassadors

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Powertraveller Ltd Unveils Brand Ambassadors


Award-winning UK company Powertraveller Ltd, manufacturer of portable power and solar chargers, today launches a new micro-site dedicated entirely to the brand’s ambassadors – a group of extreme sport and outdoor professionals who rely on Powertraveller’s products to charge their essential devices whilst they’re off-grid.

Visitors to the new site (accessed via the main Powertraveller website) are able to view biographies of the ambassadors, images and videos from their expeditions as well as links to each individual’s social media accounts and a live Twitter feed. Each profile page features an interactive timeline showing all the expeditions the ambassador has participated in and each event on the timeline links to an adventure where visitors can see a detailed description of the expedition and the Powertraveller products used, with the option to link back to the main site and view full product details.

 “We wanted to create a site which not only promotes our products but also our ambassadors. The accomplishments of these professionals is awe-inspiring and shows us just how robust the human body can be. These individuals epitomise the outdoor and the fact that they rely on our products to keep their devices charged and essential lines of communication open is a huge endorsement and validation for our brand” says Vicki Parlour, Marketing Manager at Powertraveller.

Powertraveller utilise feedback from their ambassadors who use the products in the field to continually improve both the functionality and the efficiency of the range, taking on board requirements such as weight and space. This feedback is hugely important for Powertraveller’s R&D department when researching other areas of power generation.

Powertraveller would like to encourage visitors to their website to take a look at the new ambassadors site: www.powertraveller.com/ambassadorsmain

For further information, please contact Vicki Parlour – vicki@powertraveller.com.