Icebreaker Merino Presents The Art of Nature Series Simon Beck Collection for Fall/Winter 2014 to Benefit Protect Our Winters

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Icebreaker, the pioneering brand that introduced the world to New Zealand merino wool outdoor apparel, today launched ‘The Art Of Nature’ Simon Beck Collection. This collaboration with British nature artist Simon Beck is the first in Icebreaker’s ongoing global series with artists who respect and work in nature, using objects found in nature. Simon’s intricate, gigantic, awe-inspiring snow and sand drawings have been captured as designs on Icebreaker merino wool in a men’s and women’s collection for Fall/Winter 2014. A portion of the proceeds from the collection will support Icebreaker’s donation to Protect Our Winters, an environmental non-profit group dedicated to fighting climate change.

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“In New Zealand we live with the reality of man’s impact on the environment – and the ozone hole that sits directly above us in summer is a direct result of man’s impact on the environment and a sign of what lies ahead for humanity,” says Jeremy Moon, Founder and Creative Director of Icebreaker. “It’s my belief that as a global community we can only tackle climate change if we are prepared to set aside our differences and work across borders. We were inspired to work with Simon because his sand and snow drawings leave no lasting impact on the environment. And a British artist drawing a Merino sheep horn in the Alps of Switzerland was the perfect metaphor to convey my belief that to tackle climate change we must work across borders in a true collaboration to fight for the future of the planet.”

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The centerpiece design is an Icebreaker-inspired Merino ram’s horn, originally created on snow at Bachalp Lake in the Swiss Alps. Icebreaker captured Simon’s process of creating the meticulously patterned tracks, each step perfectly placed and made using an orienteering compass and distance and pace counting: The twenty-piece base and first layer collection also features Simon’s other works, including festive snowflakes, three-dimensional squares, starbursts and spirograph designs.

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“Simon’s art symbolizes our struggle against climate change: like our warming winters, his installations last only a short time and must be appreciated by people that truly understand their beauty and importance,” says Chris Steinkamp, Executive Director of Protect Our Winters. “Icebreaker is one of the many outdoor companies answering our call to action and we are grateful for the partnership. It’s time for everyone to take responsibility for saving a season that fuels our passions and is the foundation of livelihoods, our jobs and the economic vitality of our mountains.”

“I love creating art, engraving it into nature and sharing it with people,” said Simon Beck. “Some people see me as a high-performance, high-precision snow artist. It’s a great way to exercise in the mountains and snow, and I can share my creations through photographs with people around the world.”

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The Simon Beck Collection for Icebreaker is available globally in 44 countries at select sports and outdoor apparel retailer; at Icebreaker company-owned stores in North America and the Southern Hemisphere; and online at

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About Protect Our Winters
Protect Our Winters is a 501(c)(3) environmental non-profit dedicated to uniting and mobilizing the winter sports community in the fight against climate change. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, Protect Our Winters is now comprised of a worldwide network of professional athletes, ski resort operators, winter sports equipment and apparel manufacturers, and snow sports enthusiasts. For more information on Protect Our Winters go to