Gregory Debuts New Logo with Spring 2015 Line


Spring 2015 signifies more than just the debut of a new line of industry leading backpacks. Spring 2015 signifies a final and deliberate step in the complete overhaul of the Gregory brand.


Gregory will introduce a new logo across its entire line of products. Expressed with a single, unbroken line to mirror the clean design of every Gregory product, the logo demonstrates that Gregory is constantly evolving and looking forward while never losing sight of its original mission. The logo redesign comes on the heels of Gregory’s new website and continued growth on social media channels, while complementing the redesign of the iconic Baltoro and Deva packs.

“At the center of all brands is the logo and we’ve changed ours very few times,” says Bill Kulczycki, brand president at Gregory. “We considered the implications very carefully and after more than two years of development, we’re proud to adorn our packs with this new logo. It looks modern, enhances the packs, and we’re confident that it will help identify Gregory positively to all of our customers.”

Founded in 1977 by Wayne Gregory, the iconic Gregory brand has only employed three logos in over 35 years of producing the world’s best backpacks. The first Gregory Mountain Products logo, the “San Diego” tag, is an expression of the Gregory mission to make mountain-ready packs that fit better than anything else. By integrating the mountains of California using simple geometric forms, the original logo has undergone redesigns throughout the years – from the outspoken, neon 1980’s to the expressive abstract wave of the 90’s and 2000’s – but despite these evolutions, it has never drifted far from the original.


“The new logo is one of the final elements of an overarching rollout of the modern Gregory brand,” explains Colleen Nipkow, director of marketing at Gregory. “Over the past year we have expanded the marketing department, redesigned the website, put forth a new marketing campaign, and amplified our social media channels. The new logo is the completion of a new Gregory while holding true to our tenets of fit, quality and craftsmanship.”

The full line of Gregory’s Spring 2015 products will be on display at the 2014 OR Summer Market at Gregory booth #7026 in the Salt Palace Convention Center. To make a media appointment, please contact Cory Lowe at