Adventure Technology Revolutionary Whitewater Paddles Launch to Retail


GREENVILLE, S.C. – Adventure Technology’s revolutionary new Advanced Series whitewater paddles are now available for purchase after a launch to retail last week. The paddles offer bombproof composite construction for all types of whitewater paddlers. Known as a leader in ergonomic, high quality paddle design, Adventure Technology’s latest whitewater line builds upon this brand promise with a groundbreaking new materials innovation.


Duraweave™, a proprietary blend of Innegra™ and carbon or fiberglass, is used in both the blades and the shafts of the new carbon and fiberglass models, making Adventure Technology’s Geronimo, Hercules™ and Samurai paddles more durable, stronger, more abrasion resistant than other comparable paddles on the market.

Extensive impact tests proved that with Duraweave the new Adventure Technology paddles will stand up to any impact and allow the paddler to keep moving safely downstream. In the blades, Duraweave improves the impact resistance and increases abrasion resistance by three hundred percent. In the shaft, Duraweave’s unique molecular structure dramatically improves the paddle’s secondary strength, resulting in a shaft that will maintain its structural integrity, even with multiple impacts.

Available in three models, the powerful Geronimo is ideal for steep, shallow creeking, while the Hercules is the go-to choice for those who do an equal mix of playboating and river running. For kayakers who spend most of their time playboating, the Samurai’s smaller blade is the perfect option. The Geronimo, Hercules and Samurai Advanced Series paddles are available in a carbon fiber or fiberglass option. All paddles are available in ergonomic and straight shaft options.

AT Geronimo Carbon and Geronimo Glass Paddles: Ideal for those who need the most power from each stroke and maximum control in any condition on the river, the Geronimo features Adventure Technology’s largest blade shape. The Geronimo is the best option for shallow creeks where rocks may prevent full purchase, or in any condition where every stroke is critical.

AT Hercules Carbon and Hercules Glass Paddles: An excellent choice for paddlers looking to spend time river running, but who tend to stop and play in features along the way, the Hercules is the best of both worlds. Featuring AT’s most versatile, moderately sized blade, AT’s Hercules is a do-it-all paddle, precisely balanced for all-around performance. 

AT Samurai Carbon and Samurai Glass Paddles: Featuring AT’s smallest Advanced Series blade, the Samurai is ideal for paddlers who spend most of their time playboating, or for those who prefer a slightly smaller blade for all-around river running. Designed for quick and responsive strokes, the Samurai will deliver the kind of agile performance playboaters and river-runners expect.

About Adventure Technology:

In 1993, an idea for the first, whitewater-specific, ergonomic paddle was borne. That idea grew into Adventure Technology (AT), a paddle maker who doesn’t seek to “balance” adventure with technology, but rather seeks to push both concepts to the outer limits. AT now delivers premium whitewater and touring paddles known for excellence in design, craftsmanship and innovation. In 2009, AT joined the rest of the Confluence Watersports family in Greenville, S.C., to continue its legacy of dedicated research and development, all in the name of a good adventure.

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