prAna awards $100K to software engineer turned poet in Dream Job Promotion

The brand received 2,400 entries from people dreaming of quitting their jobs.
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What would you do with $100,000? Queena Bergen, a software engineer turned poet and motivational speaker, said she would quit her job to travel the country "to bring motivation, inspiration and poetry to the forefront of any conversation." 

"I want to help people believe that the way to achieving your greatest ambitions is dictated by your everyday decisions," Bergen said in her application video to prAna's $100,000 Dream Job Promotion. 

Starting in August, prAna collected 2,400 applications from people wanting to quit their day job to pursue their passions and spread the brand's Clothing for Positive Change philosophy. Today, the brand announced Bergen as the winner.

“Although it was a tough decision filled with many amazing entries, in the end, there was one entry that rose overwhelmingly to the top,” said Jeff Haack, Vice President of Marketing at prAna. “Queena’s passion came through with each word, written from her heart and spoken with conviction. Her dream of a national poetry tour to motivate and inspire others felt like the very definition of creating positive change.”



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