Weekend Watch: In Due Time

Icy horizons, hut-to-hut travel, and self-reflection on the fastest known winter time of Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail by foot
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In this new, 16-minute Merrell film, longtime adventure companions Jason Antin and Mike Chambers reconnect and search for life’s purpose—under the guise of the Arctic Circle Trail. For the pair, 105 miles in three days, 12 hours, and six minutes is just long enough to explore the multi-generational experience of identity and catch some spectacular views.

The film features intermittent dialogue of Antin and Chambers, both new to the parenting world and ceaselessly optimistic, on their March 2018 expedition. The two, who no longer live near each other, formed their friendship during massive outdoor challenges, so it makes sense that they catch up on life the same way. Throughout, they discuss shifting balances between self, nature, and children: internal turmoil to match the external challenges of temperature, complications, and endurance on the trail’s difficult terrain.


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