SNEWS TV: Take a tour of HFB and check out changing ellipticals on 2 new episodes

SNEWS TV's latest episodes find talking elliptical for her latest TNT program, and taking a tour of HFB with Andy Tompkins at the Health & Fitness Business Show...very fun viewing!

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Therese Iknoian of SNEWS TV looks at the changing face of elliptical fitness machines on this episode of Trends and Topics.

Andy Tompkins, show director for the Interbike and Health & Fitness Business trade shows, takes Therese Iknoian and you on a tour of the 2010 Health & Fitness Business show in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for even more coverage from SNEWS TV of the Interbike and Health & Fitness Business trade shows, featuring What's Hot with Michael Hodgson, TNT with Therese Iknoian, and much more.

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