ORSM '12 New Exhibitors Recap: Slatgrills

SNEWS highlights some new exhibitors that attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 trade show. Check out Slatgrills’s story and visit their website for more information about their products.


www.slatgrills.com / Chris Weyandt, president and CEO / Roseville, Minn. / Founded 2011

Chris Weyandt on Slatgrills: “Slatgrills products are simple, versatile, and portable and work well with multiple fuels sources (wood, gas, charcoal, alcohol burners, Sterno, candles, fuel tablets, etc). All models assemble with no moving parts, are easy to clean, and fold flat for convenient transport. The lightweight titanium model is 1 pound and packs smaller than an iPad and was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal’s "Summer of 50" must-have products (June 2012). The heavy-duty 1/4 carbon steel model (L)36"x(W)24"X(H)8" is perfect for the cabin, lodge, home or base camp and functions as a multi-purpose outdoor cooking station and fire pit. The original hard-anodized aluminum “trail” model provides a double-burner cook surface and is perfect for the trail or road – be it in a canoe, kayak, boat, in motorbike or bicycle side bag, or in a backpack. Why limit your file source options? Cook with possibility!”

Tell us about your brands and products?

Our products are as follows: Titanium "Summit" Slatgrill (1 pound); Stainless Steel "Scout" Slatgriil (3 pounds); Hard-Anodized Aluminum Slatgrill (4 pounds); and ¼-inch Carbon Steel "Base Camp" Slatgrill (75 pounds).

What were you, as the founder of the company, doing before this?

Before Slatgrills I worked as a college English instructor.

Where did your inspiration come from?

Inspiration came from classic designs like the teepee and notched popsicle project sticks.

What’s the one best feature of your product?

Slatgrills are versatile with uses and applications that are limitless. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Committing to quality production standards, efficient fulfillment and effective marketing in an ever-changing world. 

Why did you exhibit at Outdoor Retailer?

For inspiration, community and customer feedback. 

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Nationally, Cascade Designs, Inc.; internationally, Snow Peak.

Who do you want to compete against in the industry?

I believe Slatgrills competes with all companies devoted to manufacturing quality products that are designed with simplicity, function and style.