HFB 2013: New exhibitor Tag launches one product for total-body workout

HFB new exhibitor Tag launches it 10 in One Platform Trainer to offer a total-body workout.

As consumers seek out products that offer more for the money, companies are delivering multipurpose items. Last Health and Fitness Business Expo we saw a few products that alone provided a total-body workout.


This year it looks like there will be more options for retailers with new exhibitors like Tag Fitness. Though Tag Fitness is famous for its dumbbells, cages and home gyms, this show the company will launch its 10 in One Platform Trainer.

SNEWS chatted with Matt Gorsuch, Tag’s vice president of sales and marketing, about the company’s history and what it hopes to accomplish at HFB, which will be held next month in Las Vegas, Nev.

Tell us about the history of your company.
TAG Fitness was started 2007 by three fitness industry veterans with diverse experience. They had a simple purpose in mind: to provide innovative, high-quality products and great service at aggressive prices in hopes of creating raving fans and brand loyalty.

What makes your products different from others on the market?

Innovation, value, style and quality are the foundation of our brand. Our products are priced lower than others who are offering this level of quality and style.

What is your newest product?
The 10 in One Platform Trainer is a portable multi-station for body-weight training for groups and individuals. It combines 10 training stations into one compact fitness appliance. Ideal for health, fitness or performance conditioning it only takes up four square-feet when in use and weighs 40 pounds. This rail, bar and platform system provides safe access to six training elevations, three color-coded training zones. MSRP $399.

What are the best features of that product?
There are 10 training stations and aids in one compact fitness appliance: Weight assisted dip rack, suspension row bars with back rest, adjustable plyo box, adjustable cardio step with hand rails, abs Dolly, incline/decline push up station, foam roller, massage stick, slant board and assisted squat cage.

What is your best-selling product?
Our Ultrathane Dumbbells, Barbells and F.I.D. Bench.

What are the best features of that product?
The Ultrathane Dumbbells come in 5-pound increments from 5-pound to 100-pound pairs; they have raised white letters and a finish that will look like they are brand new for years even in commercial environments. They don't smell they way rubber coated dumbbells do and the grip feels great in your hands.

Why did you decide to exhibit at HFB?
We know the attendees are there to find products they can sell and we are ready to increase our boundaries.

What are your goals at HFB?
Hopefully visit with our customers and prospects. Make some new contacts with serious buyers and begin long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

What are some challenges you see facing the fitness industry and how can we address them?
Individualism and being relevant. I think it is very challenging to be true to your unique qualities and vision that make you stand out (individualism), and at the same time try to be a part of something bigger than you are without being swallowed up in the collective (being relevant).

What do you like most about working in the fitness industry?
People in the fitness industry are hopeful and enthusiastic about the future, that's fun and contagious and it never gets old.