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Gaiam All Grip Yoga Block

Ever been in a yoga class, find you need a little extra help in supporting your body, and reach for your block? Only problem is, mid-pose, it often slips from your fingers or just rolls over on the ground, refusing to “come” as a good dog might. The All Grip Yoga Block by Spri Products parent Gaiam could be the answer to your woes.

Stick-e Towel

Soft on one side and grippy on the other, the Stick-e towel proved useful not only for yoga, but for weight lifting as well.

Injinji Yoga Socks

Anyone who has worked up a good sweat practicing yoga (or, for that matter, Pilates, Tai Chi or various martial arts) knows that foot traction can become an issue, even when using a sticky mat or exercising on a good wood floor. Injinji’s Yoga socks (both in toeless and full toe styles) have tiny rubber nubbins on their base for better grip.

Yoga Stick-e Socks

A proper yoga pose typically requires concentration, balance and careful body control. Yoga Stick-e socks have a tacky rubber material at the ball of the foot, the lateral side and heel that effectively grips surfaces such as the rubber on a mat, carpet or the type of wood floor found in exercise studios.