Zuke’s Offers Tips to be “Pet Prepared” for Natural Disasters

Zuke’s Offers Tips to be “Pet Prepared” for Natural Disasters.

Durango, Colo. (May 3, 2012) – Zuke’s, the U.S.-based manufacturers of all-natural pet treats, offers preparation tips for pet owners in the event of a natural disaster.

With the summer season upon us, natural disasters such as hurricanes, wild fires, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes can each bring unique challenges and problems. Unfortunately natural disasters do happen, and the best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to be prepared. Fortunately being prepared requires just a few easy steps that are readily available to all pet owners.

Pet owners must think ahead when faced with the threat of a natural disaster. In event of a natural disaster, the most important thing pet owners can do is to never abandon their pet, as pets are often frightened and confused when the disaster hits. Instinctually, pets will try to find safe ground during a natural disaster, but are often times lost and injured from the chaotic landscape a natural disaster brings.

If home evacuation is necessary, then leaving a pet behind is not an option as pet survival is not likely. Here are some steps to prepare for pet evacuation:

  • Assemble a pet evacuation kit with canned pet food, pet’s favorite treat, water, proper pet identification and vet information, leash, pet carrier, blanket and photos of pet in case pet is lost.
  • Locate a pet-friendly place to stay in advance, as it can be difficult to find an appropriate location. Red Cross does not accept pets at their shelters, so finding pet-friendly hotels/motels in which to stay is a must.
  • Petswelcome.com is a great online resource to help pet owners find accommodations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Making a map and list of pet friendly locations can save precious minutes when evacuating before a disaster hits.

If home evacuation is not necessary, then having the right tools at home could save your pet’s life, including:

  • Pet has adequate supply of food and water
  • Accessible veterinary information

Being “pet prepared” for a natural disaster starts with the individual pet owner. Making sure pets have proper identification and are up to date on vaccines are also great ways to make sure every pet is prepared for a natural disaster. From all the pet lovers at Zuke’s, to fellow loving pet owners; remember the best way to be “pet prepared” for a natural disaster is to be ready ahead of time.

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About Zuke’s:

Located in Durango, Colorado and named after founder Patrick Meiering’s loving Labrador Retriever, Zuke’s knows firsthand the value of playing in the outdoors with dogs and cats. To that end, Zuke’s is dedicated to creating natural, tasty treats and chews that meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs and cats as well as nourish an active, healthy lifestyle. For over 16 years, Zuke’s products have included the finest meats, premium grains, freshest fruits, richest vegetables and oils which keep pets healthy and allow them to perform at their very best. Committed to continuous product innovation and keeping current with the latest developments in health for dogs and cats, Zuke’s is a leader in creating unique and functional product offerings. Whether you are hiking with your dog or entertaining your feisty cat, we understand and honor the unconditional love between people and their pets. In memory of his companion, Meiering founded The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund (www.dccfund.org) and donates a portion of Zuke’s sales to it annually. Learn more about Zuke’s by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter @ZukesPets.