Zeal Optics Unveils Women’s Specific, True Performance Eyewear

Zeal Optics is the first company to design and create some of the world’s finest performance eyewear made specifically for women.

(Moab, Utah)—Forty-four percent of all outdoor consumers are female, yet no women's specific performance eyewear is offered to this avid demographic. Until now, that is. Zeal Optics is the first company to design and create some of the world's finest performance eyewear made specifically for women.

Zeal Optics, named after the zeal in which life should be lived, is a company founded by athletes. Founder and designer Wink Jackson uses her triathlon and bike racing background to help her design the most performance-oriented products for female athletes. Enthuses Jackson, “Zeal's new women's specific, true performance eyewear collection is created for athletic women who want their eyewear to perform, look stylish and be affordable.” Meeting the needs of today's women, Zeal eyewear is ideal for sport or casual wear. The colorful, stylish frames are designed to fit a woman's face and the nose pads can be adjusted to prevent eyelash rub. Eyewear fits comfortably and performs all day long.

Attention to detail, an Rx lens program and a lifetime warranty are testaments to Zeal's dedication to providing the finest quality product at a great price. Their proprietary lens technology, ZB-13 Polarized with SilkCleanâ„¢, is the only lens that provides use in the broadest range of light conditions, resulting in performance enhancement and overall eye comfort. The layered lens technology uses a special finish, which offers superior optical clarity and protection against scratches, smudges, mud and dust.

There are seven women's specific sunglasses and one goggle style designed to fit a woman's face. The Zooni, Rush, Juice, Jetstream and Zest styles generally fit small to medium sized faces while the Thrust and the Diverge are suited for medium to large sized faces. The suggested retail price range for sport eyewear and goggles is $49.99-$200.

Designed by and for women, Zeal Optics has tested and developed a strong women's specific business, which offers an entire collection focused on: performance, protection, style and affordability. Zeal proudly sponsors female athletes Julie Prochashka-Gilbert (kiteboarder), Yulin Wu (snowboarder), Jamie Whitmore (X-terra champion) and Daphne Laliberte (kiteboarder). For more information, visit www.zealoptics.com or call 435.259.6970.