Yakima Teams Up with Locally to Further Empower Local Retailers



Contact: Julie Atherton
JAM Collective

Yakima Teams Up with Locally to Further Empower Local Retailers
– New partnership with the online-to-offline retail platform continues the brand’s deep commitment to its brick and mortar retailers

Lake Oswego, OR – November 7, 2016 –Yakima Products, Inc., the innovation leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions, has partnered with Locally, an online-to-offline commerce platform that supports local retailers by guiding consumers to their favorite local dealers with the desired Yakima products in stock.

"We love that Locally supports both our consumers and our brick and mortar retailers. It brings together the best of both worlds for our consumers – blending our unparalleled online vehicle customization tool plus the convenience of the 24/7 online experience with the hands-on help and support from local retailers,” said Jason McGibbon, Vice President of Sales at Yakima. “For our retail partners, Locally enables them to have a wider-reaching online presence, and to reach their local customers. Overall, it’s a complete omni-channel shopping experience that benefits both our consumers and retailers.”

Currently, Locally features more than 250 Yakima products, from base racks and cargo boxes to bike, boat and ski mounts. Consumers can do their research online, and then find a local retailer to complete their transaction. This enables customers to both support their community and to get expert in-person assistance.

Yakima launched Locally’s Dealer Locator this summer, which allows shoppers to browse a participating store’s in-stock Yakima selection. Yakima’s phase 2, which debuted on November 1, includes a new Locally-powered Product Locator installed on every Yakima product page. This feature enables a shopper viewing a specific item to see which nearby store has that exact item in stock. The Product Locator is powered by live retailer inventory feeds provided by dealers at least once a day, often hourly, and in some cases, in real-time. Through Locally’s “Buy it Locally” conversion platform, a shopper can reserve an item or pay online for in-store pickup at a participating store.

“We’re very excited to have Yakima join the Locally family, and to empower both their local retailers and consumers,” said Mark Strella, Director of Business Development at Locally. “Yakima has a robust digital platform that lets consumers do online research for the best fit and products for their vehicle. Our tools take the experience one step further and translate that consumer research into local sales.”

About Yakima
Yakima Products, Inc. is a world leader in vehicle racks and cargo solutions for a variety of consumers, from outdoor enthusiasts to car aficionados. The portfolios of brands include Yakima, Whispbar and Prorack. Each of the individual brands offer a variety of cargo management products including racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and other gear, cargo boxes and bags and high performance multi-sport trailers. The Yakima Products, Inc. global headquarters is in Lake Oswego, Oregon. For more information, visit www.yakima.com.

About Locally
Locally makes local merchandise visible and actionable to nearby online shoppers across a platform of tools for brands and retailers. Locally broadcasts inventory from hundreds of retailers in nearly 450 cities in the US and Canada, and partners with a quickly growing roster of brands in the outdoor, run, fish, sporting goods, bike, baby, automotive, and ski and snow industries. For more information, please visit brands.locally.com and retailers.locally.com, or contact brands@locally.com or retailers@locally.com.