Xtreme Sports ID Announces Partnership for East Coast Distribution

Xtreme Sports ID Wristbands to Launch in Surf Specialty Retailers

Lahaina, HI – (May 4th, 2009) XtremeSportsID™, makers of lightweight, weatherproof and durable emergency identification wristbands, announced today a partnership with Coastal Surf Supplies, an east coast distributor for surf and skate specialty retailers. In what marks another growth step for Xtreme Sports ID, the bands will now be more widely available along the eastern seaboard, appealing to the safety sensibilities of surfers and skaters from Northern Maine to Southern Florida.

Founded by two surfers, Xtreme Sports ID has been quickly embraced by active adults and youth, from runners and cyclists to BMX bikers and skateboarders. Xtreme Sports IDâ„¢ bands are lightweight, weatherproof, durable wristbands stamped with the medical alert symbol, a unique 8-digit code, and a toll free number as part of their routine. First responders and paramedics are trained to look for medical alert bracelets, so should the wearer get into trouble, the toll-free number will immediately connect first responders to a user-friendly interactive service that reports surfer identification, emergency contact info, and other essential data including medical alerts, allergies, primary physician contact, insurance provider, and more. The data is stored on a secure server until needed in the event of an emergency.

Where Am I?
XtremeSportsID bands also feature a “Where Am I?” function, in which wearers can log into their account and enter their planned activity and duration, such as a “heading out to White Crest beach, leaving at 5 pm, expect to be back at 7 PM”. Updating the Where Am I? feature will alert the wearer's designated contacts as to their plans and whereabouts, adding an additional layer of safety and communication.

“We're very excited to partner with Coastal Surf Supplies as our first distributor in the surf and skate industry,” said Bryan Console, co-founder of Xtreme Sports ID. “Our rapid growth requires solid distribution channels to fulfill the demand we're currently seeing throughout the country. Coastal Surf Supplies is a leader in the surf and skate markets and we're looking forward to growing our business through their well-established and wide-reaching partnerships with specialty surf and skate dealers. Surfers, kite boarders, paddle boarders, windsurfers, and any water enthusiast seeking a little extra peace of mind will see the value in wearing Xtreme Sports ID.”

Coastal Surf Supplies is located at 12636 Sunset Avenue in Ocean City, Maryland, can be reached at 888.569.7038, and can be found on the web at www.coastalsurfsupplies.com. XtremeSportsID bands can be purchased for $8 USD at specialty retailers nationwide, and include the first year subscription to the emergency information service. Each year thereafter is an affordable $5 USD renewal fee.

About XtremeSportsIDâ„¢
Based in Lahaina, Hawaii, on the island of Maui, XtremeSportsID was founded by two businessmen, both avid surfers. When founding partner Bryan Console was pinned beneath a big wave and dragged nearly 100 yards while on vacation, the scare left him realizing how often active people head out alone, without emergency contact information and without leaving an itinerary. In sharing his experience with Bradley Carter, a good idea was put into motion, bringing an accessible, affordable piece of safety equipment to just about anyone. Active adults, kids, and seniors with and without medical conditions are embracing the bands for an added sense of security. For more information, visit www.xtremesportsid.com.

About Coastal Surf Supplies
Based in Ocean City, Maryland, Coastal Surf Supplies is a wholesale distribution company dedicated to the surf and skate specialty market. Coastal Surf Supplies began in 1998 using an Isuzu box truck to drive up and down the east coast delivering product to surf & skate shops, and today is a leader in the surf distribution industry carrying over 100 different surf and skate brands. Coastal Surf Supplies carries surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, board bags, leashes, wax and accessories and a wide selection in skate supplies including decks, wheels, trucks, clothing and DVDs. For more information, visit: www.coastalsurfsupplies.com.