Wūru Wool Brings New Zealand Blister Prevention Secrets to the U.S.

Brings premium foot relief
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SALT LAKE CITY — All levels of outdoor and endurance athletes will benefit from the blister-preventative properties of loose lanolin-rich wool, imported from New Zealand by Salt Lake City based brand, Wūru Wool. Fall 2018 marks the launch of this unique product designed to make all types of footwear more comfortable.

While New Zealanders have used loose wool for decades to reduce soreness, minimize blisters, regulate temperature and keep feet dry, Wūru is the first brand to offer an affordable and effective single-use wool product in the United States. Each package ($10.95) provides enough Wūru for 20-30 applications.

"The properties that have made wool increasingly popular in performance wear also drastically reduce blisters and foot discomfort," says Wūru Wool founder, Matt Disney, who discovered the benefits of wool while trekking in New Zealand with his wife. "A single-use product like Wūru allows you to experience the friction-reducing benefits inherent in lanolin-rich wool that are lost through traditional textile manufacturing."

With benefits for everyone from trail runners and marathoners, to cyclists and skiers, to hikers and hunters, Wūru Wool's ultimate goal is to help people stay comfortable as they take part in their favorite activities.

"When you dramatically minimize or eliminate pain points like foot discomfort, you empower people to stay out there and go further," says Disney. "That will enable some to run the extra mile or climb a higher peak. It will allow others to walk an extra block. Whatever your level, we'll help you go further and step up your comfort."

Distributed to retailers by Liberty Mountain or directly through Disney, Wūru is also available to consumers at www.wuruwool.com

About Wūru: Meaning “wool” in Māori, the indigenous language of New Zealand, Wūru offers premium foot relief that allows you to walk away from discomfort. Ideal for absorbing moisture, reducing friction, preventing blisters, promoting breathability and providing additional cushioning, Wūru is imported to the United States. Media contact is Matt Crawford at Pale Morning Media: or 802-583-6069. More info at  



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