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West of Lake Tahoe, CA - The world is crowded with full service marketing agencies, cross-platform writers and multitasking marketing directors. That’s why Wicked Good Copywriting & Communications focuses on one pure thing: copywriting - especially product copywriting.

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Product copy, long a bugaboo of the marketing creative set, is a core Wicked Good offering. Taking products and categories from the broader storytelling phase, down to individual style descriptions, and finally to the finely distilled benefit-driven feature bullets, Wicked Good relates entire product stories in rich, succinct, digestible bites.

“We help our product-driven clients – Arc’teryx, Keen and Innate, for example – quickly educate and win consumers,” states Wicked Good’s Mike Mooers. “The copy needs to engage, and it needs to engage fast. Web or in-store, you need to hook the reader and pull them in or they move on. This requires distilling big stories into essential nuggets – nuggets that are fun to read.”

Effectively delivering these high performance nuggets keep Wicked Good’s clients happy. “Mike is able to capture the brand’s voice and engage our consumer,” says Amy Crawford at Keen Footwear. “His work is fun, spirited and smart, while still maintaining the technical stories and messaging.”

As far as Mooers knows, there isn’t another agency in the outdoor realm that takes such a singular focus.

“We’re a mono-service agency,” says Mooers. “All we do is tell the essential stories that get brand and product details into customers’ minds. We leave the press releases to the PR folks. We’ll do them, but only product releases. We’re not interested – or particularly good at – the new-hire or donation-to-charity stuff. Same with ad campaigns – we’ve done a few, and they weren’t bad, but there are agencies for that. Editorial? No way. It’s not our strength. But we don’t expect an editor, ad agency or PR rep to cram a compelling product story onto a hang tag in 25 words and seven bullets. That's our art. That's why we're awesome.”

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City, CA, Wicked Good Copywriting & Communications delivers brand-crafted copy for clients including Arc’teryx, Keen, Gaiam, and Innate. Mike Mooers, the company’s founder and creative force, has a proven two-decade background in marketing communications. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in 2010. Contact Wicked Good: mike@wickedgoodcopy.com



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