Wicked Good Copy Starts Exploring, Launches Extreme Expedition

Wicked Good Copy & Communications launches its Peru 2K11 Expedition. It will be wicked bueno.

Nevada City, CA – Wicked Good Copy & Communications has announced its first athlete expedition with its team’s trip to Peru this March.

Focusing on the Sacred Valley, the Peru 2K11 Expedition will explore areas untouched by the Wicked Good Team (WGT). Utilizing innovative travel technologies such as jet airplanes and first-class train rides, the WGT will visit Cusco, Mach Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and surrounding areas.

“These areas have been untouched by anyone on the team – there will be several first ascents. By us. Lots of people have been there before us, like tons,” says WGT Peru 2K11 Expedition Team Leader, Mike Mooers. Other team members consist of Mike’s wife, Suzanne, and? “That’s it. Just us. Pretty small team,” states Mooers. “And she’s more of the leader. But since I wrote this release, I got dibs on leadering. But just for the release.”

Wicked Good Copy & Communications is sponsoring the event, supplying old gear Mooers acquired during his quarter-century in the Outdoor Industry, along with cutting-edge thrift-store sourcing from his wicked good wife. “ She nailed a TNF travel pack for $10. But if anyone wants to send us free stuff, go for it. Another 3000 cubic-inch pack and some shoes would be cool – wicked cool. Anyone? Anyone?”

Why Peru? “Peru looks wicked cool. Since we’re wicked good, we thought we’d go somewhere wicked cool. It’s gonna be wicked good because it’s so wicked cool.” And will it be extreme? “Oh lordy, I hope not,” answers Mooers. “We’re just looking for a wicked bueno time.”

Wicked Good Copy will be out of service as they undertake the rigors of Peru 2K11’s expeditionary challenges, and Mooers warns clients – and potential clients – against taking copywriting needs into their own hands: “Please – don’t try to write stuff. It’s hard, and you have too much to do already. It’s impossible to write impactful, handcrafted copy while you are in a staff meeting. Save yourself. Save your sanity. It’s only a couple of weeks. Relax. Go to meetings. We shall return. We will write for you.”

Peru 2K11 will launch mid-March, and conclude with a wicked triumphant return to the Sierra Nevada Foothills on April 2nd.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City, CA, Wicked Good has been delivering hand-crafted copy for a variety of clients for over two decades. Mike Mooers, the company's founder and sole employee, managed communications for Sierra Designs, founded OllyDog – one of the most respected brands in the pet industry, managed the marketing programs at SNEWS, and has been consulting since 2006. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in late 2010. Facebook Wicked GoodContact Wicked Good