Wicked Good Copy & Communications' Innovative Outreach Campaign

Wicked Good Copy & Communications announces the launch of a new thought-forward outreach campaign.

Nevada City, CA - Wicked Good Copy & Communications, a leader in forward-thinking contract verbiage for companies that are into that kind of stuff, has launched a new marketing and outreach program destined to put them on the map. Innovative and revolutionary, it combines the richness of proven tradition with hopeful audacity of Creativity 2.0.

What could they have come up with?

Just what is this program, you ask?

Wil it be debuting at OR???

Wicked Good Copy & Communications has New Business Cards.

Brand new.

With innovative, revolutionary, cutting-edge rounded corners.

And they won't be seen at OR.

There's considerable buzz at Wicked Good World Headquarters.

"We have new business cards," says Mike Mooers at Wicked Good. And just what makes them so revolutionary? "Innovative, cutting-edge, rounded corners", says Mooers. "They're pretty cool."

To learn more about the company, stop reading this and go to wickedgoodcopy.com. They're pretty cool. And - fun aside - very, very good at what they do.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City, CA, Wicked Good has been delivering hand-crafted copy for a variety of clients for over two decades. Mike Mooers, the company's founder and sole employee, managed communications for Sierra Designs, founded OllyDog – one of the most respected brands in the pet industry, managed the marketing programs at SNEWS, and has been consulting since 2006. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in late 2010. Facebook Wicked GoodEmail Wicked Good