Whitney Ladd Moves into Role of Sales Manager for Lilypond

Lilypond makes changes to put more support behind sales reps and move to open more stores.

(Denver, Colo.) – Lilypond, the maker of premium bags, totes and accessories for adventurous women is excited to announce a new position for Whitney Ladd.

Ladd came to Lilypond after a seven-year stint in the corporate world at Verizon Wireless. Her role as Business Account Executive tasked her with managing corporate accounts. The knowledge and experience gained at Verizon helped her transition to her role at Lilypond in operations.

“After acquiring key knowledge of the brand over the last six months, Whitney is perfectly posed to take over the role of sales manager,” comments Lilypond co-owner, Ben Kurtz. “Previously, she managed day-to-day operations, serviced accounts and organized trade shows and events, so the change to sales manager will be smooth and welcomed by our retailers.”

“I am looking forward to this opportunity and to work with the Lilypond management team, I feel that together we will make Lilypond a nationally recognized brand,” adds Whitney. “Defining our sales goals and working with our talented rep team is a recipe for success.”

About Lilypond:

Lilypond is inspired by colors found on the landscapes of our favorite places and by the uniqueness of every woman’s style and charm. A perfect collection to outfit any woman for any pursuit, Lilypond is purposeful with dazzling combinations of color and styling to create a perfect collection. For more information, visit www.lilypondusa.com