Vittoria Wins IDTechEx Commercialization Award with Graphene


Berlin, Germany (April 29, 2015) – Vittoria was honored today by IDTechEx with the Commercialization Award for its use of revolutionary technologies in high-end traditional products.

The IDTechEx Commercialization Award is given annually to a commercially successful end product that impacts the marketplace and society at large. Mass scale deployment is an important consideration for this award. Since 1999 IDTechEx is a leading independent market research, business intelligence and events organizer on emerging technology. Its clients use their insights to help make strategic business decisions and grow their organizations. IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

From its market entry in cycling wheels in 2014 to the upcoming introduction of a new generation of tires, Vittoria leads the revolution that will change the cycling industry. With the recently discovered material of pristine Graphene, as provided by our partner Directa Plus, Vittoria has rapidly transformed from a traditional manufacturer to a high-tech innovation company.

“The recognition of IDTechEx at the Printed Electronics Europe 2015 conference and trade show is a major milestone in the revolution we started,” said Rudie Campagne, president and founder of Vittoria Industries Ltd. “The combination of our high-performance wheel and tire products with pristine Graphene is an innovative development that unlocks a whole new level of uncompromised performance.”

Vittoria pushes the boundaries to remove traditional compromises, which have limited the capabilities of cycling wheels and racing tires thus far. As a result, the overall strength (lateral stiffness) of our carbon wheels is increased by 50% thanks to the application of Graphene. Additionally it increases the flexibility significantly (24%), offers great weight reduction (15%) and highly effective heat dissipation (15-30°C lower).

Rudie Award

About Vittoria:

Vittoria Industries an international group which acquired the famous premium cotton tubular tires producer Vittoria Spa in 1990. Vittoria has built highly reputable partnerships within in the cycling industry and created a distinct brand image. Today, Vittoria Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires with an annual production of approximately 7 million tires and 900,000 high performance tubulars and cotton tires. Its research & development center develops the best racing tires at all levels. Vittoria’s worldwide commercial operations are shared among three distinct regions: Vittoria SpA is responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (EMEA & LATAM). Vittoria Industries North America, Inc., is responsible for North America. Vittoria Asia Pacific is responsible for Asia-Pacific region. The group holding company, Vittoria Industries Ltd, carries out manufacturing and R&D at its fully owned Lion Tyres Thailand Ltd factory in Bangkok.

Directa Plus is an Italian Limited Company, with headquarters in Lomazzo (near Como), founded in February 2005. Find out more at:

NOTE: This award is given to an actual commercial success with an end product using graphene, photovoltaics, printed or partially printed, organic or thin film electronics. Judges looked for success in terms of products sold and revenues generated, as well as impact on the marketplace and society at large. Mass scale deployment is an important consideration for this award. Read more at:

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