Visioning the Collective Vision of the Future of Not At OR

The future of Not At OR? If The Guy(s) had a clue, they wouldn't be asking for input.

Portillo, Chile - The Guy(s) and Not At OR (NAOR) has/have reached a crossroads, and are/is calling on the NAOR Community to pull together and offer insight for an Intentional Visioning Project that will make the participants feel good but, given NAOR’s slacker make-up, won’t change a single thing.

“Right now we are literally at a crossroads,” says NAOR’s Guy1 (G1). “Literally. Right out my window is where highways 49 and 20 split. People are deciding where to go, what direction to take. Downieville? Truckee? Broad Street? It is a junction, a confluence and a crossroads, a place where decisions need to be made. Kind of a crossjuncfluence.”

And it is just that crossjuncfluence that provides the opportunity for long term collective visioning of potential future stuff.

Recently, the NAOR Team almost unanimously approved a vision outline designed to present a path intended to create a synergistic discussion that could lead to a collective assessment of potential actionable outcomes. Or not.

Of primary synergistic visioning is the long-term future of this summer’s NAOR.

“With NAOR nigh, we feel it is important to do some intensive visioning (let me know when that word gets annoying, okay?), particularly in regards to location. We are torn between Tahoe and Nevada City (which is in California, dammit). Both have their advantages, but The Guy (G1) and Mrs. The Guy left their kayaks at Tahoe, so that’s something. Hell, it’s not like we can’t do both.”

Long term? “Our long term visioning focuses on the immediate – kind of a be-here-now approach. Or in this case, kind of be-here-or-Tahoe-in-a-little-while cuz we don’t start until Augustish. But we’re open to other locations. Portillo, Chile would be cool.”

The Guy(s) are also considering moving NAOR to real OR – wherever the hell that ends up –because they have a bunch of friends that go and there’s free beer.

During this visioning process NAOR will be listening to their stakeholders and may or may not share the process’ progress. However, they don’t see a need to work with Salt Lake City and Utah leadership to envision potential expansion because NAOR is effin’ tiny and couldn’t even afford a 10x10 booth, let alone a whole damn palace.

NAOR has partnered with Old MacDonald and Associates and a leading trade organization to form the EIEIOIA, and calls on EIEIOIA and NAOR stakeholders to fill out this location survey, and offer their voices to the Collective Vision visioning project.

Options include:

Nevada City, CA:

Benefits – near G1’s house.

Drawbacks – Everyone thinks it’s in Nevada.

Puyallup, WA:

Bennies – Proximity to G2’s house.

Drawbacks – People aren’t sure how to pronounce it. G2 at real OR (but that’s a secret).

Las Vegas, NV:

Upside – Gambling, strippers.

Downside – You have to go to Vegas.

Portillo, Chile:

Benefits – Skiing in August.

Drawbacks – Need to win lottery. Or rob bank.

Orlando, FL:

Positives – None, really.

Negatives – Lots of them, including big-ass alligators.

Stakeholder visioning will be collected into a single vision, then forgotten about until The Guy(s) realize they’ve procrastinated too long to do anything about it, and, following a momentary flash of guilt, move on to the next phase of NAOR’s future.

About The Guy(s) Not At OR:Based in the Sierra Foothills northwest of Lake Tahoe, and in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in Puyallup (say it out loud – Puyallup – it’s fun), WA, The Guy(s) are a freelance copy writer and a freelance outdoor reporter who’ll pretty much write anything for money. Founded in January 2010, Not At OR is just that. They Guy(s) do not hate the real OR. They just like their own beds. Learn more about The Guy(s) by clicking here. Oops, not there - here.


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