Vicore Fitness Gets "Thumbs Up" From The Medical Field



Vicore Fitness Equipment Gets a "Thumbs Up" From The Medical Field

 It's no surprise that Vicore has taken the Fitness Market by storm.

Now the Medical Community has also started to embrace the Company's methodology as well. In the most recent issue of AmericanChiropractor, Vicore is cited on its list of "Hot New Products".

 Vicore benches feature an ergonomically perfect surface which automatically conforms to the user's body. Other advantages to both fitness seeker and patient lie in the manner by which all the company's products are designed to engage and unify the entire body. From extremity muscles to neurons, down to the core, all components of the body are forced to engage during even simple exercises. Physical therapists are finding this highly effective in building rehabilitation programs which build muscle, balance and coordination.

 “We got into this business to help people reach their goals and get to the next level. Being accepted by practitioners in the medical field only expands the ability of our equipment to fulfill this goal.” stated Vicore's Spokesperson, Daina Carter. “We really just want the benefits of this amazing technology to be available to as many people as possible.”

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