Verde PR Forges Relationship With BELA-Olhão Fresh-Canned Sardines

BELA-Olhão, the brand that popularized the taste of Portuguese sardines to North America, is launching into the outdoor space formally at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2008.
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Wayland, Mass. – Sardines have ridden shot on countless first ascents on big walls, untamed rivers or record-setting thru-hikes and endurance runs for multiple decades. The reason is as simple as the product itself: sardines offer athletes the highest calorie and nutrition bang for the buck, all in a light, low-profile, portable and near indestructible carrying “case”.

BELA-Olhão, the brand that popularized the taste of Portuguese sardines to North America, is aware that many outdoor athletes already seek after its gourmet sardines. To make the product more attainable and visible to this important consumer base, Blue Galleon Inc., the importer and distributor of BELA-Olhão sardines, will launch BELA into the outdoor space formally at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2008.

For the past 11 years, BELA has become the leading brand of gourmet, sustainably fished sardines on the market. The brand is established in the health and wellness and Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) markets, and the natural grocery industry. BELA has had strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in place since day one, and will be expanding its CSR platform to support its outdoor industry stakeholders.

To effectively communicate the brand essence of BELA-Olhão in its existing markets and the outdoor market, the company hired Verde, a full service communications and consulting agency, as the agency of record. The companies begin working together immediately to endorse sustainably-fished, fresh canned sardines in all of BELA's target markets.

“We are thrilled to be working with Verde PR going forward, which will facilitate considerable additional visibility and continue to grow extensive presence for our brand,” says Joshua Scherz, COO for BELA. “Verde's strong authenticity and market knowledge in the outdoor industry, health and wellness, lifestyle and beyond, align significantly with our vision and our products, as well as holistically with our shared business qualities to remain environmentally conscious, sustainably centered and consumer focused.”

Verde will work to build on existing, and create new brand awareness on the high-quality BELA product collection to the health- and environmentally-conscious communities in which both Verde and BELA engage. Food, almost more than any other product, is an intensely personal experience for the individual, and BELA's selection of fresh-canned sardines offers the highest quality sensory experience. BELA sardines offer literally the best nutrients, making it an easy and healthy option for today's on-the-go consumer.

“We look forward to the on-going relationship with Verde and its constituents, and to conveying a fresh look on sardines in these markets by offering a tasty and quality product that represents health, wellness and adventure,” Scherz continued. “Together, we can reinvigorate the culinary adventure with the outdoor adventure.”

BELA sardines originated in Olhão, Portugal, a traditional fishing community renowned for its open-air markets and daily fish auctions. BELA sardines represent an all-natural, wild caught product, which are never heavily processed or engineered like other on-the-go nutrition options. BELA's aluminum can also makes it highly packable (and recycle-able), and an excellent portable nutritional source.

These products exemplify great, natural foods that support the recreational needs and sustainable aspirations of consumers in the outdoor, health and wellness, lifestyle and LOHAS markets. BELA already has a home in the hearts of many of the climbers and outdoor recreationists, and is a great food source for any outdoor or fitness aficionado. BELA's business practices and packable, high-quality food aligns well with the current trends and direction of each respective industry.

About BELA-Olhão
BELA-Olhão (Ol'-Yaow) sardines and tuna originated from Olhão Portugal, a thriving traditional fishing community located in the Algarve that has existed for hundreds of years. Their products are fished in the area's non-industrial, unpolluted waters and have no detectable levels of pesticides. BELA was founded more than 11 years ago under the values and dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainable fishing, packaging and delivery. BELA is part of the Blue Galleon Inc., which is a triple-bottom-line organization committed to sustainable business practices, from the ocean to the store shelf and beyond. More information about BELA and its products can be found at

About Verde PR & Consulting
Verde PR & Consulting is a full-service public relations, marketing, branding, and consulting agency, with an emphasis in sustainability. Verde's clients are in the nature-based outdoor, bike and snowsports industries, as well as the health and wellness and Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) markets. Visit, or contact Kristin Carpenter-Ogden ( for more information.