Vasque Trail Team’s Krissy Moehl Earns Second-Place

In ultra trail events, the best athletes prepare by training their mind and body to work together relentlessly to endure.

In ultra trail events, the best athletes prepare by training their mind and body to work together relentlessly to endure. Top ultra runner, Krissy Moehl did just that to earn second among women in the Western States Endurance Run, held June 27-28 in California.

Moehl, of Seattle, a member of the 2009 Vasque Trail Team, achieved her goal of finishing in the top three female runners in the 100-mile contest, which starts in Squaw Valley and ends in Auburn, Calif. In a race on remote terrain, in which the course climbs about 2,500 feet in the first four miles, Moehl did more than endure—she prevailed.

“It was an amazing experience, and I'll never forget the challenges of the run,” said Moehl. “The heat on the Western States course this year created conditions that probably were not the best to be pushing limits and testing unknown grounds, but at the same time, those very conditions created the toughest of testing grounds, which is good for me and my sponsors.”

The Western States Endurance Run isn't the only event in which Moehl has shined this year. She placed first among women and took third place overall in the Leona Divide 50-mile race in California in April, her third victory in that competition. She also took first place among women in the grueling Pocatello 50-mile trail run in May. Now she has her sights on the Tour du Mont Blanc in France.

Moehl, who has competed in ultras since 2001, has run since she was in seventh grade. She is known in the ultra-running community for her win — third place overall —and course record at the 2007 Hardrock 100 and as the youngest female grand slam finisher with the second-fastest female completion time, behind the legendary Ann Trason. In 2008, she finished first overall at the Bellingham North Face Endurance Challenge 50K and won the first annual Grindstone 100, taking fourth overall. Last year, she also placed as the second female in the Where's Waldo 100K Trail Championships.

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