Update on The Great Global Cleanup™ in Response to COVID-19

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Creating and sustaining clean communities is a vital mission of Earth Day Network and its Great Global Cleanup. At all times, the safety of dedicated organizers and volunteers is of the utmost importance.

To comply with federal, state and local advisories in response to COVID-19, thousands of organized cleanups will be impacted. Some will be cancelled for now, some postponed until later in the year, while others will move forward if they meet current safety criteria.

We urge all organizers to consult and comply with local and federal health advisories, and to practice social distancing and sanitary awareness at any cleanups deemed safe by authorities.

The stated goal of the Great Global Cleanup to remove billions of pieces of litter from our environment and to build a clean and healthy future for all people will remain. Many cleanups are expected to be rescheduled in early Fall, in coordination with World Cleanup Day, National CleanUp Day and Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup.

Please stay up to date on the status of all cleanups at cleanup.earthday.org, and please stay safe and take care of one another during these unprecedented circumstances.