Two Torque Home Gyms Again Win Gear Awards

Torque Fitness, LLC, has won Gear of the Year Awards for the second consecutive year in the Sports, Health and Fitness category from, an innovative health and fitness web site

Andover, Minn. – Oct. 28, 2008 – Torque Fitness, LLC (, a manufacturer of premium strength equipment for the home, has won Gear of the Year Awards for the second consecutive year in the Sports, Health and Fitness category from, an innovative health and fitness web site. The company's unique F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer (F.A.S.T.) earned a Top Gear of the Year Award this year, and was named Great Gear of the Year in 2007. The TQ5 Hybrid Strength Gym System took the Great Gear of the Year Award for the second consecutive year.
“Our mission is to facilitate exercise movement in three-dimensional space so that people train the way their body moves naturally in everyday physical and sporting activities, “ said Tom Baumler, director of marketing at Torque Fitness. “We call this ‘Intelligent Power.' And these awards on two of our most popular gyms really reinforce our passionate commitment to excellence.” annually evaluates and presents awards to a variety of products related to health and fitness. Judges are industry professionals, including personal trainers, fitness instructors, coaches and owners of health clubs and retail stores.
F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer
The F5 is equipped with patent-pending technologies that enable it to be quickly folded away into an attractive cabinet that fits in a corner with a four foot by four foot footprint, making it space-efficient and complementary to room décor.

A proprietary adjustable cable column offers two width positions for variety, and two fully adjustable swivel pulleys enable natural body movement in virtually unlimited ways. Users can perform bench exercises such as chest press and lat pulldown, and then fold up the bench to open the platform space for squats, lunges or movements that utilize a stability ball (not included), such as crunches.
A leg extension, prone leg curl station and an ankle strap for hip adduction, abduction and extension target the lower body.
The F5 is sold in authorized specialty fitness stores with a manufacturer's list price of $3,499.
TQ5 Hybrid Strength System
Torque's exclusive Hybrid Strength Technology (H.S.T.) facilitates virtually unlimited ways to challenge every muscle and continue progression by combining traditional, fixed path exercises with a multitude of user-defined functional movements in a three-dimensional space.
The TQ5 blends a single vertical pressing platform for fixed exercises such as chest press, shoulder press and seated row with independent, adjustable swivel mid-pulley arms and dual swivel high pulleys, for a variety of functional, user-defined exercises and core training.
The patent-pending dual pivot leg extension/seated leg curl minimizes joint stress and maximizes comfort and exercise effectiveness. The optional Leg Press/Calf Raise features Torque's Iso-Balance technology for movement with both legs simultaneously or each leg independently.
The TQ5 has a manufacturer's list price of $2,999.
Torque Fitness Background
Founded in 2005 by a passionate team of leaders with more than 175 years of fitness industry experience, Torque Fitness is dedicated to developing innovations that accelerate the mainstreaming of strength training for healthy lifestyles. These innovations encompass footprints and aesthetics that offer greater compatibility with today's home environments; more exercise variety and methods that enable users to train the way their body moves in real life; and personalized, Internet-based training to motivate and educate about the benefits of Torque systems.

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