Tubbs announces new advances in trail walking snowshoes

Biomechanically-designed frame reduces impact

SEATTLE, Wash.– Tubbs, the global leader in snowshoeing with over 100 years of technological innovation introduces the biomechanically-designed Fit-Step™ frame as an addition to the trail walking snowshoe line. The upgraded frame and graphics on these value-oriented trail walking snowshoes provide customers with a technically advanced design at a new lower price.

With a 10 percent reduction in muscular skeletal impact on joints, the innovative Fit-Step frame makes long trips more comfortable and easier on the body. Tubbs' trail walking snowshoes are value-packed with important features like Control Wingâ„¢ technology on the bindings,perfect for hitting the local trails, parks or golf courses. The new line also features the Xplore's Quick Fitâ„¢ binding. The modifications to the webbing make the binding cinch closed more easily, making the binding more convenient than ever.

New & Improved 2010 Trail Walking Snowshoes:

Frontier™: A great choice for anyone looking for a new way to exercise in the winter or for a family looking for a snowy adventure, the Frontier is the best value available. The Quick-Step® binding is easily adjustable and features Tubbs' proprietary Control Wing™ technology, centering the heel for directional stability. The energy-efficient rotating toe cord and the biomechanically designed Fit-Step™ frame have made winter walking and fitness easier and more comfortable than ever. SRP:$149.95

Xploreâ„¢: A lightweight, easy-to-use answer for the value-conscious outdoor adventurer. The dependable Quick Fitâ„¢ binding is easy to use and wraps a wide variety of winter boot styles and sizes for men and women. Carbon steel toe and heel crampons provide security and the biomechanically-designed Fit-Stepâ„¢ frame will keep you moving forward in comfort and confidence. SRP:$119.95

The Trail Walking Snowshoes are available at outdoor retailers nationwide and online at www.tubbssnowshoes.com.

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About Tubbs Snowshoes
Tubbs Snowshoes is a leading manufacturer of lightweight, versatile snowshoes for men, women and children with patented binding and crampon systems that simplify and enhance performance for backcountry exploration, day hiking, and trail walking. Founded in 1906, Tubbs Snowshoes is recognized as the sport's pioneer with a heritage of technological innovation, and market development initiatives that promote winter adventure, exercise and family fun, including Tubbs Romp to Stomp Seriesâ„¢, Tubbs TrailNetâ„¢, and Tubbs Winter Fit for Kids programs. Tubbs is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading wintersports and outdoor recreational brands. For more information about Tubbs' product line, calendar of events, and great places to snowshoe, visit www.TubbsSnowshoes.com