TriFit LLC,, completes Used Fitness Equipment Classified

Nashville, TN, April 27, 2010, – Just a month after was launched, TriFit LLC, a Nashville based company, completed a key part of their fitness equipment strategy, the used fitness equipment section.
Original: already provides a comprehensive list, specifications, and locations of the best commercial and retail fitness equipment in the world. Now for individuals who don't feel the need to purchase new fitness products, they can check out the Used Fitness Equipment section. Here anyone in the country can list their commercial or retail fitness products for FREE. So whether you are looking to buy or sell your used fitness equipment should be your first and last choice.

When Brad Bishop President/CEO was asked about the used equipment section he said, “This was a very challenging section to complete.” He kept going back and forth on a cost factor and whether to make it similar to an auction site. After awhile, Brad decided to make it FREE. He said, “We offer FREE leads to fitness manufactures and dealers, we should stay with the core thought process and make the used equipment section FREE also.”

To find out more information on posting used fitness equipment go to

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