TravelChair Revives a Classic, Plans for Plus-Size Chair

With its facelift of core products complete, the team at TravelChair is excited to move into the next phase of their campaign to reinvigorate the brand from the inside out.
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With its facelift of core products complete, the team at TravelChair is excited to move into the next phase of their campaign to reinvigorate the brand from the inside out.

Two years ago, TravelChair very intentionally and methodically embarked on a wholesale reinvention of the folding camp chair genre it pioneered nearly 25 years ago. The first phase of the makeover – updating the core line with new technical fabrics in contemporary colorways, moldings and anti-skid, non-marring feet plus new opportunities and incentives for dealers is complete. Next up, TravelChair is launching a series of new products that, like a classically trained chef, uses familiar ingredients in exciting new ways to appeal to America's ever-changing palate.

“It's been part of our DNA since the beginning,” TravelChair Sales Manager Daniel Roso explained. “Make no mistake this is a fiercely competitive market and these two products are evidence that TravelChair is committed to differentiating by innovating whether through new materials, new designs or both.”

The Original makes a comeback
On hiatus for the past seven years, the Original TravelChair is back by popular consumer demand. Ahead of its time since it invented the folding furniture genre in 1984, TravelChair is returning to its roots with the reintroduction of its best seller. Push-button easy to operate with a seat height of seven inches, the mesh version of the Original TravelChair with stainless steel tubing offers a fresh, lightweight option for loyalists while luring paddlesports enthusiasts to the brand. At just 3.5 pounds this deceptively lightweight Original is rated to seat up to 300 pounds. Slightly heavier variations include camo for hunters and ripstop polyester in green, blue or black for traditionalists. Available for immediate shipping, MSRP for the Original starts at $27 including a handy storage bag with handle and drawstring for easy transport.

¡Viva El Grande!
The Antarctic El Grande is plus-size version of a chair that was custom-designed for an Antarctic research station. Built with the same no-compromise attitude towards materials, design and construction, the Antarctic El Grande is the hardest working chair in the TravelChair line. Built with super-strong non-rusting stainless steel tubing and rivets and sporting heavy-duty ballistic nylon mesh, the El Grande is also big on convenience like a built-in cupholder and triangle stow pocket. The 9-pound El Grande can comfortably handle up to 400 pounds without bowing, bending or signs of fabric or metal fatigue. Available for shipping in March 2009, MSRP is $118.

TravelChair's unwavering commitment to building “the best chair you've ever owned” means quality design, materials and attention to detail that result in strong, stable and durable chairs that have earned the family-owned and run company the reputation for hype-free authenticity and pride in craftsmanship.

Since 2004, TravelChair has sold more than 2.5 million chairs. To learn more about the company and see the full line of TravelChair products, visit



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