Travel Securely with Pick-Pocket Proof Pants from Clothing Arts

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Speaking from experience: with pick-pocketing, no one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does. After leaving a job in finance to travel around the world in 2006, Adam Rapp had a run-in with a team of pick-pockets in Xian, China. He noticed something was happening, just in time to watch the thieves disappear into the crowd. When Rapp looked down at the wide-open pockets of his chinos, he was struck with an idea: why not combine the security of money-belts and a great pair of travel pants? Five years of travel experience and two years of development later, Pick-Pocket Proof Pants were born.

A true travel revolution, P^cubed® pants stylishly and comfortably replace the money-belt by putting security back in the hands of the traveler. Designed for maximum comfort and durability, our 100% Nature-Like™ Nylon Adventure Travelers or 100% Cotton Business Travelers will keep you comfortably secure at home or abroad. Since 2012, Clothing Arts has had reports that the P^cubed pant has stopped 8 pick-pockets around the world.

Featuring stealth covered zippers and a triple secure hidden passport/money pocket, P^cubed pants give the wearer the option of layering two, or even three levels of security between their personal valuables and the world. Unique integrated features include dual smartphone/digital camera pockets, and expandable double thick, double secure cut-resistant cargo pockets that grow to fit guidebooks.

P^cubed® Pants Features:

  • Stealth covered zippers 
  • Triple secure hidden passport/money pocket
  • Option of layering two, or even three levels of security
  • Dual smartphone/digital camera pockets
  • Expandable double thick, double secure cut-resistant cargo pockets that grow to fit guidebooks
  • Zipper and cover on each pocket
  • Expandable Rear Pockets
  • Internal Smartphone pocket

Clothing Arts started with one pair of men’s P^cubed pants and has expanded to a full line of business, adventure and convertible pants, shorts and travel shirts for men, as well as stylish travel pants for women.

About Clothing Arts, Ltd.

Entrepreneur and adventure traveler Adam Rapp spent years developing Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™, or P^cubed, after spending time in the most dangerous locations in the world, including remote parts of India and China. A victim himself of pick-pocketing while far away from home – along with similar experiences from friends – spurred Rapp to design and manufacture the highly effective, comfortable and stylish clothing line. For more information, please visit