TrapTek, LLC Awarded Patent for Innovative Fabric Technology

Initial applications add performance to fabrics using green technology

Longmont, Colorado – TrapTek, LLC announced today that it has been awarded a patent for keeping particles active in fibers, films, and coatings. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent # 7,247,374 on July 24, 2007, the third of several patents sought by TrapTek.

Starting with activated carbon derived from recycled coconut shells, TrapTek has launched a series of coatings, fibers, yarns and fabrics under the Coconaâ„¢ brand utilizing this patent. This unique and environmentally sound technology permanently embeds activated carbon particles inside fibers to provide an evaporative cooling effect while also capturing UV light and odors in its varied pore structure.

TrapTek is the pioneer inventor of keeping particles active throughout different fiber, fabric, and film processes. By protecting or encapsulating the activated coconut carbon during the extrusion process, the invention mitigates polymers from filling in the porous carbon structure. The protective layer is later removed from the yarn in a finishing process allowing the pores to interact and deliver multiple performance attributes. Without using this technique, active particles are covered by polymer and do not perform.

The TrapTek research team was led by Dr. Gregory Haggquist, a founder of TrapTek who has over 20 years of research experience.

"This patent recognizes the innovations of Dr. Haggquist, an outstanding scientist who has uniquely added active particles to increase the performance of fibers, fabrics, and films," said Brad Poorman, president of TrapTek, LLC.

TrapTek tests, verifies and certifies the performance of each fabric made by its licensed mills. Data from these tests are available to licensed brands as well as an extensive online library of over 400 certified fabrics.

Over 40 brands in North America and Europe have been licensed to use Cocona™ fabrics and yarns, including Cutter and Buck, Izod, New Balance, GoLite, Cannondale, Merrell, Marmot, Oakley, Champion, Perry Ellis, Dockers, Eddie Bauer, Haggar, VauDe, and Haglöffs. Products with Cocona™ natural technology™ were recognized in Time magazine's “Most Amazing Inventions”, the 2006 IQ Award for commercial products and services, the 2007 Natural Health magazine Consumer Conscious Award, and Outside magazine's “Green Gear of the Year” 2007 Award.

TrapTek, LLC is a privately held Colorado company focused on developing innovative technologies from natural sources. They add value and performance to fibers, fabrics and films for a wide range of industries. For more information, visit