and Eagles Nest Outfitters Spread Some Good #TrailKarma


In a month long effort to raise trail care awareness, the new Web site and hammock company are challenging the outdoor industry to show their love for the trails.

Asheville, NC Ever pooped in the woods? Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) and hopes you dug a hole for it! For the month leading up to Trail Days 2015, the duo has paired up to spread some good trail karma with the hope they’ll catch people in the act of doing good for the sake of trails everywhere.

Using the hashtag #trailkarma, the industry-leading hammock company and new site will be posting pictures of good trail karma – such as packing up your camp site trash, leaving a clean shelter and being responsible with campfires – and tagging a friend to ‘challenge’ them into doing the same. At the end of the month long promotion, ENO will award two winners with their hammocks as an incentive to keep spreading the trail karma word.

A team of thru hikers working with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) originally created with the goal of paying good trail karma forward. This will be their first major promotion since the site’s conception.

“I was a careless hiker when I thru-hiked in 2002 and I think people who thru-hiked today have more restrictions and more rules because of hikers like me. The Trail and the experience suffered,” said founding member Andrew Downs. “We all have a goal to make the trail better, more free and more like it’s supposed to be. Hopefully will be a good start.”

The promotion will run from April 16th through May 15th, the start of Damascus Trail Days – a community event celebrating the trails and hiking. ENO, who has actively worked with the ATC for over 4 years, is excited to play a part in sharing the new initiative.

“We have a number of thru-hikers in the ranks at ENO and so caring for the trails is always at the forefront of all our projects,” said Amy Allison, event coordinator for ENO. “We’re striving for our users to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, and we see this as a fun way to spread the message.”

Brands are encouraged to participate in the sharing of good trail karma, and should look out for other hashtags associated with the promotion such as #morefoolsmorerules, #hikertrash, #thruhike, #at2015 and #tkgiveaway. For more information and sample posts, please contact ENO’s Natalie DeRatt (




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