Tortuga Expands Sizing, Colors of Award-Winning Setout Backpack: The Carry On Backpack for City Travelers

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Walnut, CA (March 27, 2019) – Tortuga – makers of carry on travel backpacks, daypacks, and accessories for city travelers – is excited to announce the launch of the award-winning Setout Backpack in new colors and a new size: 35L.

“Sometimes, a full-sized carry on backpack is just too much bag,” commented Tortuga’s Marketing Director, Taylor Coil. “If you’re a fan of packing light or simply take shorter trips, you might not need a maximal amount of packing space in your carry on. A more compact, right-sized option is best for those types of travelers. We’re thrilled to offer that option in our most popular product: the Setout Backpack.”

The Setout Backpack, winner of the 2018 Carry Awards for the Best Carry On Bag, aims to be the “just-right” option for city travelers. The innovative blend of suitcase-style packing, a suspension system that transfers 80% of the bag’s weight away from your shoulders, and just enough internal organization result in the optimal travel backpack for trips of a week or more. The new, smaller version is ideal for trips less than a week.

The Setout Backpack’s new colors, navy and black, are outfitted with a weather-resistant polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

“We’re proud to expand our use of sustainable fabrics,” Coil said. “We’ve used a fabric made from recycled plastic in the lining of our backpacks for a long time. We’re thrilled to find another way to integrate sustainability into our supply chain without sacrificing the durability and quality we’re known for.”

For hi-res images of the Setout Backpack, click here.

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About Tortuga

On a backpacking trip to Europe in 2009, Tortuga co-founders Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen learned that most luggage is ill-suited for city travel. They couldn’t find the perfect luggage for city travel, so they made it. Today, Tortuga is a 100% remote team on a mission to make travel easier and more enjoyable.