Top U.S. Athletes Are Signing On to Use and Endorse H2O Overdrive

H2O Overdrive, an all-encompassing sports drink, is getting the support of professional athletes and top amateurs in its launch in the sports nutrition marketplace

PARK CITY, Utah – March 16, 2009 – Innovative Health Solutions™, LLC (IHS) today announced the signing of more than 30 well-known, respected and accomplished professional athletes as part of its Athlete Ambassadors program.

About the Athlete Ambassador Program
Some of the first Athlete Ambassadors signed include:
• U.S. Alpine Skier Erik Schlopy, U.S. Olympic Skier (1994, 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympics), seven-time national champion and Giant Slalom bronze medalist in the 2003 World Championships who recently retired from the U.S. Ski Team,
• Derek Parra, a 2002 U.S. Olympic Speed Skating gold and silver medalist, and former Olympic record holder in the 1500-meter speed skating event, and
• Summer Sanders, the most decorated U.S. swimmer of the 1992 Olympic Games, T.V. broadcaster and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

With its Athlete Ambassador program, IHS is spreading the word among athletes across a wide spectrum of sports that H2O Overdrive™ is one of the most comprehensive and nutritionally balanced high-performance sports hydration drinks ever developed – that it is ‘THE” sports drink for serious athletes competing in top physical condition and in hydrating their bodies for optimal performance.

According IHS co-founder and self-proclaimed weekend warrior, Randy Olshen, H2O Overdrive will improve athletes performance when it's used as part of their nutritional routine before, during and after sporting events or physical training.

“My friend, Terry Giles, a world renowned athlete, trainer and product formulator, is the other co-founder and my partner in IHS, and he developed H2O Overdrive with athletes and weekend warriors in mind,” Olshen said. “It's only natural that these professional athletes are excited about endorsing a product that they actually use and are seeing benefit from using. The great part is we're getting awesome feedback from all of the athletes who have tried H2O Overdrive.

“Not only do athletes love the taste of H2O Overdrive, but they can truly appreciate the nutritional value and hydration aspects of it. For us, that's the best part since the drink was formulated with athletes and performance as our focus. From all of our combined years of experience, we knew what was missing in the market and we feel we have delivered.”

According to Olshen, the Athlete Ambassador program continues to expand and will soon include athletes from top professional sports such as the NHL, PGA, triathlon and Ironman competitions, motorsports, professional and amateur cycling, mountain biking, professional surfers, professional volleyball and more.

Schlopy, who laughs at the word ‘retire' since he still maintains an aggressive workout routine, said he became an Athlete Ambassador because H2O Overdrive enhances his workouts and gives him all the nutrients and energy combined in one great tasting drink.

“The decision to become an H2O Overdrive Athlete Ambassador was actually very easy for me,” he said. “Since I began incorporating it into my workouts, I've noticed my body and mind prepare and recover a lot faster. Its formula really does have the perfect balance of nutrients and protein to give me the hydration needed for any training. Plus, it's one of the only drinks of its kind that gives me everything I need without all the unnecessary sugars, while still tasting great.”

H2O Overdrive has a scientifically developed blend of ingredients designed to ensure hydration at the cellular level with a three-to-one ratio of protein-to-carbohydrates, powerful blend of more than 30 essential minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins, and only three grams of sugar (1/10 the amount of sugar in other sports beverages).

For more information about the Athlete Ambassador program or to become an H2O Overdrive distributor or retailer, visit or call 1-888-426-4104.

H2O Overdrive Distribution
H2O Overdrive is currently available in Lychee-Lemon Rush, Tangy Tangerine Freeze and Jostaberry flavors at select retail locations. The suggested retail price is $3.29 for a single 20 oz. bottle, and $39.48 per 12-bottle case.

About H2O Overdrive
H2O Overdrive is a high-performance sports drink that hydrates athletes at the cellular level with a precise protein-to-carbohydrate ratio and a unique blend of essential minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins, which is essential in supporting energy, recovery, muscle function and performance. Its formula helps athletes' bodies and minds prepare for (and recover from) strenuous workouts. Please visit for more information.

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