TIMEX to Showcase Expedition Collections at Outdoor Retailer

Timex, a leader in outdoor and sports performance timepieces, will showcase its robust portfolio of Timex® Expedition® adventure instruments and outdoor lifestyle timepieces at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011.

Timex, a leader in outdoor and sports performance timepieces, will showcase its robust portfolio of Timex® Expedition® adventure instruments and outdoor lifestyle timepieces at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011.

“The Timex Expedition brand offers a broad range of collections suited for the outdoors,” said Heberto Calves, Vice President of marketing at Timex. “The brand's portfolio includes collections that are built to withstand the demanding conditions of outdoor adventures, as well as timepieces designed to stylishly capture the outdoor lifestyle in everyday settings.”

The brand will showcase a wide variety of collections from its extensive portfolio, including: Timex® Expedition® Trail Mate, which provides distance and pace on the wrist and is a value alternative to GPS technology; Timex® Expedition® Vibrating Alarm watch, which is conveniently equipped with both vibrating and audible alarm features, and Timex® Expedition® Military collection, a simultaneously rugged and technical collection inspired by historic military and aviation lifestyles.

The Timex Expedition Trail Mate watch shows distance and pace on the wrist, and is a value alternative to GPS technology. The set-up is simple and intuitive, without requiring manual calibration. Once the chronograph is started, the integrated accelerometer uses the natural swinging motion of the user's arm to detect steps taken, and then calculate distance and pace. The watch also helps answer that nagging question, “when will we be there?” by estimating time/distance to destination and sounding a half-way alert. Designed for walkers, hikers and joggers who are interested in tracking their progress, the durable timepiece also tracks calories burned, stores up to 10 workouts, and includes a 100-hour chronograph, countdown timer, alarms, two time zone settings, water-resistance to 100 meters and an INDIGLO® night-light for low-light adventures. The collection is available in a comfortable rubber strap option, featuring black/blue or black/red color schemes, as well as an olive-green Cordura® strap for a more outdoorsy look. The reliable and casual watch will be available in July 2011 at Sports Specialty retailers worldwide and on Timex.com, priced at $64.95.

The Timex Expedition Vibrating Alarm collection offers unique outdoor functionality, equipped with dual mode alarms that deliver both vibration and audible alert options. Perfect for those who don't want their surroundings disturbed by loud noises, the vibrating alarm function is also convenient for users who cannot hear an alarm due to heavy clothing or external factors. In addition to this distinctive feature, the timepiece offers an easy-to-use chronograph with a lap and split feature, a hydration alert, three alarms, three time zone settings, and 15 preset occasion reminders to keep up with birthdays, anniversaries or meetings. The collection will be available in sports stores and on Timex.com in March 2011, priced at $49.95.

Reminiscent of World War II-era aviation equipment, the distinctive Timex Expedition Military collection offers a rare blend of style and strength that is simultaneously rugged and technical. The boldly masculine Timex Expedition Military Chronograph watch is distinguished by its authentic circular slide rule and 30-minute chronograph measuring with accuracy up to 1/20th of a second. The sharp Timex Expedition Military Classic watch is distinguished by its striking “bulls-eye” design, inspired by an original Timex design from forty years ago, and classic knurled finish. Both are available in 45-mm stainless steel cases with 100-meter water resistance and an INDIGLO® night-light for low-light conditions. The collection is currently available at sports stores and jewellers, as well as Timex.com, priced from $99.95 to $199.95.

Among the brand's most innovative and most popular collections is the Timex® Expedition® WS4™, a unique adventure instrument designed to enhance outdoor excursions and make a bold statement on the wrists of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. The WS4 watch, named for its signature widescreen display and four critical outdoor functions, includes an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass, expertly encased in a widescreen dashboard for precise, convenient intelligence at a glance. Rugged, intuitive and boldly stylish, the WS4 watch is designed to perform under the most extreme conditions and help navigate any terrain. It also serves as a versatile timepiece, chronograph, alarm and timer. The WS4 collection is available in nine style combinations and is available for purchase worldwide and on Timex.com, priced at $199.95.

In addition to showcasing the latest in adventure instruments and outdoor timepieces, Timex will continue to support the protection of wild places through its membership with the Conservation Alliance. Timex will offer a limited quantity of Timex Expedition E-Altimeter watches on Friday, January 21, for a fraction of the retail price, donating proceeds to this non-profit organization. Additionally, world-renowned alpinist and Timex Expedition brand ambassador Conrad Anker, who also plays an active role in the Conservation Alliance, will continue to engage the outdoor community on Facebook.com/TimexSports, where consumers are invited to visit and interact with the brand and its strategic partners.

About Timex Expedition Brand
Timex® Expedition® watches were derived from the virtually indestructible 1960s infantry watches and adapted to meet the explosive growth in popularity of outdoor activities. Taking both styling and material cues from outdoor gear and apparel, Timex Expedition brand delivers reliable, accurate and comfortable outdoor instruments that expertly capture the essence of the outdoor lifestyle. Timex Expedition brand ambassador and American alpinist Conrad Anker regularly tests the brand's products in the field. Fans are invited to interact with the brand on Facebook.com/TimexSports, which hosts content, forums and tools for outdoors enthusiasts.

About the Timex Group
Timex Group designs, manufactures and markets innovative timepieces and jewelry globally. Founded in 1854, Timex is part of Timex Group, a privately-held company with numerous brands and over 5,000 employees worldwide. It is one of the largest watch makers in the world with companies and exclusive licenses worldwide.

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