Timbuk2 Contracts with Brandwise to Optimize Sales Processes

Timbuk2 Designs Inc. (Timbuk2) has announced it will use Colorado-based Brandwise, Inc.’s SalesOptimizer, OrderPad, and Visual Merchandiser applications to better optimize and streamline its sales processes.

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Timbuk2 Designs Inc. (Timbuk2), a San Francisco-based manufacturer of bicycle messenger bags, computer carrying cases, and other urban-lifestyle bags and accessories, has announced it will use Colorado-based Brandwise, Inc.'s SalesOptimizer, OrderPad, and Visual Merchandiser applications to better optimize and streamline its sales processes. Timbuk2 Designs Inc. will implement Brandwise, Inc.'s SalesOptimizer application immediately with OrderPad and Visual Merchandiser implementation taking place in the second quarter.
“Timbuk2 is excited to utilize the full function of the Brandwise tools to consolidate our existing retailer B2B and sales tracking into one platform, while adding additional functions available in Visual Merchandiser to dramatically enhance the retailer and rep selling experience,” says Mike Wallenfels, CEO of Timbuk2. “It is especially important today when those enhancements can be added at a nominal incremental increase to what we already spend.”
“Today's retail market requires more than just great product, with retailers expecting merchandising, marketing support, and market specific selling Brandwise tools will help Timbuk2 perform across a variety of retail channels,” continues Wallenfels.
“Timbuk2 has developed an outstanding reputation within the bike, travel, and outdoor industries over the past two decades,” says Todd Litzman, president of Brandwise, Inc. “By integrating the three Brandwise applications Timbuk2 has chosen will allow the company to more effectively serve cycling enthusiasts, customers, and suppliers worldwide, ensuring the company's goals of quality customer service and product are surpassed.”
“By utilizing our SalesOptimizer, OrderPad, and Visual Merchandiser, Timbuk2 will have the ability to create and review orders on-line and off-line, to effectively distribute timely and relevant sales information to their sales organization, and maximize many other business efficiencies as a result of the Brandwise Enterprise Suite,” says Jim McNulty, VP of Sales for Brandwise. “These applications continue to redefine “B2B”, and we are proud to be serving one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of bicycle messenger bags.”

SalesOptimizer offers game-changing technology and gives the first “bird's eye view” of retail accounts by analyzing, trending, and buying criteria, providing highly targeted retail alerts and sales capsules that present real-time information on best sellers not purchased, open to buy, and credit information.

OrderPad is an e-commerce application that plugs right into an a suppliers existing web site and gives retailers easy access to their order history, enables them to build editable WishLists, and allows Reps to easily collaborate with them on orders, extending the reach of any sales organization. This innovative web application allows products to be viewed in a traditional gallery view, or as an online catalog, complete with all the branding and imagery from a traditional hardcopy catalog.

Visual Merchandiser improves customer interaction by quickly building large or small orders electronically and by eliminating the tedious and potentially inaccurate manual delivery of orders by fax or email. This means the sales process is easier, faster, and greener, as individuals no longer need to browse through pager catalogs to select product.

For more information about Timbuk2 Designs Inc., visit www.timbuk2.com. For more information about Brandwise and its SalesOptimizer, OrderPad, and Visual Merchandiser applications, please call 877-435-3225 or visit www.Brandwise.com.

About Timbuk2
Timbuk2 Designs Inc. (www.timbuk2.com) is the leading independent manufacturer of authentic bicycle messenger bags, travel, and electronics cases. The company's signature three-panel, multi-color design and distinctive swirl logo are recognizable worldwide. Founded in 1989 by a bicycle messenger, Timbuk2 still manufactures its custom messenger bags in its own factory in San Francisco. Through its dedication to product quality and customer service, Timbuk2 has established a strong following among bicycle messengers, cycling enthusiasts, and urban dwellers worldwide.

About Brandwise
Brandwise is an Application Service Provider (ASP) delivering hosted software solutions to manufacturers and their sales organizations within multiple industries. Combining Order Capture and Integration technology, Business Intelligence, B2B e-Commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enhance the coordination and communication of information between manufacturers and their sales channels, the Brandwise product suite integrates a series of powerful and leading-edge tools that help Suppliers and Sales Reps efficiently sell more products to their retailer customers in a collaborative environment. In over 12 years of operation, Brandwise consistently brings a fresh perspective, and revolutionary advancements, to a number of vertical markets from Gift and Home to Publishing, Apparel, Footwear and Sporting Goods.


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