Timberland Invention Factory Receives IDEA Award for GoLite® Footwear

The Timberland Company has been awarded a 2007 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for the new GoLite® footwear line that recently launched in March 2007.

Stratham, NH (July 20, 2007) – The Timberland Company has been awarded a 2007 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for the new GoLite® footwear line that recently launched in March 2007. The IDEA program, co-sponsored by The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and BusinessWeek magazine, fosters business and public understanding of the impact of industrial design excellence on the quality of life and the economy. The IDEA jury chose 20 entries to receive the Gold award, 19 entries for the Silver award and 42 for the Bronze award from the overall 1,691 entries. Among all entries, 595 came from 29 countries other than the United States.

GoLite® footwear was designed and developed by a specialized team within the award-winning Timberland Invention Factory, the new GoLite® footwear line combines three key ingredients: the Invention Factory's focus on innovation and problem-solving, GoLite's cutting edge lightweight design ethic and long-standing commitment to the trail running category, and The Timberland Company's strong footwear development capabilities. The result is a groundbreaking new footwear formula that challenges the way outdoor athletes and the industry think about trail running shoes.

“After an extensive review and analysis of the unique requirements of a trail runner, as well as the physiology of mountain dwelling animals and specialized suspension systems of off road vehicles, we came to the conclusion that conventional running shoes are literally constructed upside down, counter to a trail runner's needs, promoting instability with the soft part of the shoe located directly under a runners foot and a hard sole against the ground. We believe that to improve stability while running on a trail, the soft part of the shoe should be directly against the ground, absorbing the unevenness of the trail and stabilizing the foot,” says Doug Clark, VP of Timberland's Invention Factory.

The revolutionary new GoLite® technology is better known as Metamorphic Suspension. This idea of ‘Soft Against the Ground' has produced the two primary outsole constructions found on the GoLite® shoes – Isomorphic Suspension™ system in the trail running shoes and Amorphic Suspension™ system in the after sport recovery models.

The Isomorphic Suspensionâ„¢ system is a whole new way to construct a shoe for trail running. It envelops the trail by independently isolating uneven surfaces, allowing for Whole Body Stability. This creates an uncommonly smooth feeling underfoot that is more secure and actually lessens muscle fatigue over long distances.

The Amorphic Suspensionâ„¢ system functions like the memory foam of a body-forming mattress, enveloping rocks or roots and providing an incredibly soft and comfortable feeling underfoot.

Along with an outsole system designed to keep the body stable, GoLite® shoes also feature a NEOform™ seamless upper, a revolutionary patent-pending outer casing that protects the foot from bruises and scratches. Another unique feature is the PreciseFit™ system, a patent-pending adjustable insole system that allows the wearer to customize the interior volume of the shoe for a more personalized fit (which received the 2006 IDEA award).

About GoLite® Footwear
GoLite® footwear offers uncompromised performance and superior protection in the lightest weight shoe possible. The revolutionary footwear line provides runners with whole body stability, bruise protection, security, moisture management and traction. Only GoLite® footwear breaks the compromise between athletic performance and outdoor protection to meet the unique needs of outdoor athletes performing in the unpredictable, unstable and unforgiving terrain of the outdoors. To learn more, visit www.golite-footwear.com.