Tilley Goes To Tilley and Gives Lots Of Tilleys Away

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Alex Tilley gives away more than 350 special edition Tilley Hats to a southern Alberta hamlet with his namesake

TORONTO, ONT. - Canada Day was celebrated early this year in the hamlet of Tilley, Alberta. For years, the welcome sign outside of Tilley, Alberta off Highway 1 has been a postcard photo pitstop for Tilley Hat owners. On June 28, old and new Tilley Hat owners came together for “Hats off to Tilley”, a Canada Day celebration in the small southern Alberta hamlet. Every person 18+ in Tilley received a customized red- and-white Tilley Hat from Alex Tilley himself, the creator of the world-famous Canadian product.

“We’ve received many photos from people posing in front of the Tilley sign with their Tilley Hats on. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something fun with the town that shares our name,” says Alex Tilley, founder of Tilley Endurables. “Our hat giveaway celebrates friends, community and Canada Day all at once.”

The customized Tilley, Alberta hat is red and white, representing the colours of the Canadian flag and this one-time event embodies the Canadian “spirit” found in Tilley Hats.

“The Tilley Hat is a symbol of friendliness,” says Tilley. “We definitely made new friends this weekend. The people of Tilley truly embody everything that makes Canadians great. They are friendly, generous and hospitable. It was an honour to meet so many of them and hear their stories. It was one of the best days of my life.”

The Tilley Hat is 100% Canadian and is manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. Every metal snap on a Tilley Hat is embossed with a maple leaf, reflecting Alex Tilley’s pride in being Canadian.

For more information on Tilley Endurables visit www.tilley.com or booth # 24049 at Summer Outdoor Retailer.