Tilley Endurables Debuts New Fall/Winter 2013 Hat Collection

From Cork to Duck Bills, Tilley Tops Themselves for Fall 2013

Tilley Endurables, makers of the iconic Tilley Hats and superior travel apparel, is pleased to debut the new fall 2013 collection at the upcoming Winter Market Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 23-26, 2013 (booth #24049). Handcrafted in Canada, the collection features a brand new fabric technology from Schoeller® Switzerland tapping the outstanding natural features of cork, as well as new styles and colorways.

The new Tilley Tec-Cork Hat (TTC2) fuses great design and function with the latest in soft shell fabric technology from Schoeller® Switzerland. Corkshell™ is made of an FSC-certified cork granulate that is a by-product in the manufacturing of wine corks. This natural granulate is pulverized and firmly anchored as a coating in a special process patented by Schoeller. Compared to traditional soft-shells, corkshell™ offers up to 50% higher thermal insulation and is highly breathable, soft and very lightweight. Available September 2013, MSRP: $105 (Black/Grey Check)

“Our customers love the blending of functionality and fashion so when we had the opportunity to use the new corkshell™ material in our fall 2013 Hats, we jumped at the chance,” explains David Kappele, Director of North American Wholesale. “Superb insulation without the bulk makes the corkshell™ Hat well suited for all outdoor activities especially in cold conditions.”

Using another Schoeller® Switzerland technology – c_change™ - the new Tilley Duck Bill Cap (TDBC) is right on trend with lightweight wool that has a windproof and waterproof membrane which independently reacts to changing temperatures and activities. Available September 2013, MSRP: $79 (Grey/Black Herringbone; Black)

Tilley is also introducing the c_change™ technology to an existing popular and versatile style – the Pub Cap (TPC). With its three different looks, the Pub Cap loses some of its bulk in return for a lightweight, wind and waterproof membrane that adjusts to varying temperatures in a handsome grey/black herringbone fabric.

Finally, the Tilley Tec-Wool Ivy Cap (TIC1) and Tec-Wool Winter Hat (TTW2) will both feature a new brown/black herringbone fabric.

These new styles and more from Tilley's winter collection will be available Fall 2013 in specialty outdoor retailers and online at www.Tilley.com.

About Tilley Endurables
Tilley Endurables, Inc. has been making Tilley Hats and travel apparel for nearly 30 years, beginning with Alex Tilley's original design for the ideal sailing Hat. Each Tilley Hat is designed to make life on the go more enjoyable, and manufactured in Canada under Alex Tilley's watchful eye. Tilley Hats can be purchased at over 3,100 associated retailers in 18 countries worldwide. For more information about Tilley Endurables, visit www.Tilley.com.