TheTechnicalCenter (TTC) Promises Better Results

The FabricLink Network is pleased to announce users of TheTechnicalCenter (TTC) web site have more information, more resources and better results in their work.
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FabricLink Networks’, TheTechnicalCenter (TTC) Promises Better Results Faster in Textile Design and Manufacturing Sourcing

Tarzana, CA. March 22nd, 2012, The FabricLink Network is pleased to announce users of TheTechnicalCenter (TTC) web site have more information, more resources and better results in their work. This is true thanks to tools offered at the site: Seven searchable indexes, open source partnering, new product development news, textile product and services promotion, news posts and free listings for companies and trademarks. All of these elements add up to more effective tools at work and better results faster.

“Thanks for your support and keeping up a great website and tool for designers!” Angela Walters, Consumer Product Specialist – Rogers Corporation. was developed at the urging of leaders in the textile industry, who saw the need for a networking site for the supply chain in the specialty fabrics industry (i.e. Technical Sports Textiles, Home Furnishings, Safety & Protective, Industrial, and Medical). Specialty industry leaders have these things to say about the effectiveness and rewards of depending on TTC for their design and manufacturing deadlines: “The FabricLink Network is wonderful! I think FabricLink is a valuable marketing resource tool, and it’s important for us to be in this space!” Shannon Walton, PR/Marketing Director – Schoeller Textil / Schoeller Technologies USA.

Additional quotes and comments from TTC site are from experts in their field, regular users and visitors utilizing FabricLink Network’s searchable indexes and other valuable textile categories.

“Wow! is amazing! I have been hired to design and produce a line of protective clothing, though still with a distinct trendy style for a well-known scooter manufacturer. Since I normally design women’s wear with traditional organic fabrics, the world of protective clothing is new to me.

Thankfully, though, I found almost all the info I needed on Now I need to start sampling! ” – Jesse Wardlow, free-lance designer, San Francisco, CA. “Thank you! Your site is fantastic! I teach and work as a fiber artist and weaver. I've studied weaving techniques all over the world. I will recommend you site to all my students.” Anne Llewellyn – instructor/designer.

“I have been in textiles for many years, and I am amazed at the knowledge and vast information gathered in just a few moments while surfing this site! I will certainly make this place a point of reference going forward. My sincerest thanks.” Ma’amor Hussain, Malaysia. critical departments for information sourcing, networking and marketing, including seven searchable indexes, which allow users to find product and potential partners through a search by company, trademark, fiber/yarn, fabric, technology/finish, end-use, and new product development. is an ongoing source for ideas and partnering, which drives new product development. “Networking is particularly important for these markets because of the continuing pressure to develop new and innovative products,” explained Kathlyn Swantko, Founder and President of the FabricLink Network. “In addition, there is so much cross-over of products/technologies with specific technical applications, which the makes networking critical.” is a one-stop communications hub for a product launch, and an effective platform for promoting products and services to the industry and its customers. is a target portal to post press releases on new and updated product offerings for FREE. TTC provides current news and information in the “News” section located in the left-hand navigation. As an example, this page shows all you need and for free. The FabricLink Network also offers an additional FREE listing of your company and trademarks in the searchable indexes, just send in an 80-word company and trademark.

“We have discontinued all other USA trade advertising, except for our Presentation Page on the FabricLink Network, because this sourcing tool really works!” April Booth, Sales & Marketing Manager – Eclat Textile Company, Ltd.

In the specialty products industry there is no better choice than TheTechnicalCenter (TTC) for sourcing the latest in fabric technology, applications, treatments, design outlooks, and integration.

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About the FabricLink Network: Kathlyn Swantko, a textile advocate and educator, is president and founder of (, and ( on-line textile resources, which make up the FabricLink Network. (trade to consumer) and (trade-to-trade) provide information about new products and marketing opportunities for specialty textiles, textile-based products and services. The two sites offer valuable content and technical information; new releases on innovations; fabric descriptions; usage and care; supplier history and contacts. Seven Searchable indexes makes the FabricLink Network websites the “go to” resources for developers of textiles, fashion designers, and researchers. In addition, the Network offers effective platforms for all businesses, from small niche-based companies to large broad-based textile manufacturers, to reach other businesses within the supply chain and the consumer.

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