The Swamp Fox 12-Hour Race

12-Hour Adventure Race promises the thrill, challenge, and adventure of a lifetime.

On March 17th, 2012, St. Patrick’s Day won’t be the only excitement occurring. In the Frances Marion National Forest, just north of Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most thrilling Adventure Races in the country will be taking place: The Palmetto Swamp Fox A.R.

The Palmetto Swamp Fox A.R., produced by KanDo Adventure Racing, is a 12-hour race combining orienteering, mountain biking, kayak paddling, and trekking for over 50 combined miles. As with most Adventure Races, the Swamp Fox is a self-supported race, requiring that competitors carry their own equipment, food, and water, including bike repair gear and first aid necessities.

During the race, solo racers and teams of two, three, or four members will face some of the most challenging natural obstacles that this region of the country has to offer. This race, while challenging to even the most adventurous competitors, is really suited to athletes of all levels. Due to the design of the course, the race distance can be modified based on the order than racers decide to collect checkpoints.

Like many Adventure Races, there are penalties for breaking the rules, such as not following safety precautions or travelling on prohibited roads. One stand-out quality of the Swamp Fox is the Rule #1: You must render aid to any racer in need of medical attention. This is the spirit and attitude that makes Adventure Racing the best sport in the world. For this race, participants are actually awarded time credit when they stop to help their fellow races. What a great attitude and lesson in sportsmanship!

The Palmetto Swamp Fox A.R. is the first race of the East Coast Adventure Racing Series (ECARS) this season. To find out more about the Palmetto Swamp Fox race, visit their website here or go to to register for the event. To find out more about ECARS and to register to participate in the series, visit their website here.