The PEET® Odor Eliminator

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A by-product of active feet is obnoxious odor

Here’s a simple way to completely get rid of

the stench in footwear that is played in.

July 2014 - St. Maries, ID – Famous for eliminating wetness in footwear, PEET Dryer now attacks and destroys the odors that lurks inside them. The new PEET Odor Eliminator banishes odor in hiking boots, running shoes, skates, shoes for soccer, basketball, baseball, football – any footwear that equips active feet.

The PEET Odor Eliminator (POE) is unlike chemical sprays, powders and homemade concoctions that attempt to mask odors – it obliterates them. Odors simply are gone. It does so scientifically. Using O³ science, airborne and surface contaminants are destroyed, not just covered up. Placed inside the footwear, it takes ambient oxygen molecules (O²), and adds a small electrical charge to create an ozone molecule (O³).

It then breaks away to attach and destroy odor and pollution molecules.

Whether it’s running, hiking or playing a team sport, a by-product of active feet is odor – from unpleasant, to just plain nasty. The day’s stink is quickly and effortlessly removed by simply placing the POE in the footwear. Depending on odor saturation, in 1-6 hours it’s eliminated. There are no filters to change; no questionable chemicals to deal with.

Whatever active feet do, they can now start out fresh. It would be a stretch to say you’ll run, hike or play better – but you’ll certainly smell better. Something that others who share your world will appreciate.